Friday Five #19: 5 Things That Suck About Being a Man

Photo by Rebecca Claire, // All Rights Reserved

Okay so I’ve never actually once heard a cisgender man ever say that he’d rather be a woman in the way that I’ve certainly heard women say “ugh I wish I was a man” but there are definitely things that suck about being a man.

Gender roles define what society expect from each of us and that doesn’t only affect women. That’s right, men sometimes get it shitty too! Some of reasons below however are due to misogyny in the first place but I guess that’s why we still use the term Feminism!

Also I wrote this post addressing the reader as you so if you are a woman reading this then just imagine for the next few minutes that you are in fact a man….

You can’t wear nail polish or skirts.

You will never know how it feels for your nads to be totally free on a warm summers day. Women however can go commando on the beach in a long floaty skirt and trust me my vagina loves dat sea breeze. And with nail polish it just makes no sense. I hate seeing men with chewed up nails, like I think a nice grey or dark green would look kinda suave on a bloke. 

You are expected to be tough all the time

You have to be able to defend yourselves against, well, other men, but my point is you have to be ready to fight in case it comes down to it. Realistically if you’re a nice enough person you probably won’t be getting yourself into many violent situations anyway.

You are expected to show no emotion. 

Maybe it’s just because I’m hyper sensitive person and I cry at almost everything and suffer from mild anxiety but I would find it impossible to show the low level of emotion we as a society expect from men. I can’t remember the last time I saw a grown man cry on TV or in person.

You get basically fuck all paternity leave. 

I get that on a physical level the woman who has just given life should get more time with their newborn, but it doesn’t mean the father shouldn’t get a decent amount of time to bond with the baby beyond those first 2 weeks. 

You might have babies you don’t even know about.

Hahah yeah, you’re kinda fucked on this one. Us women might have to deal with periods and pregnancy and the actual giving of birth. BUT at least we know where exactly where all our eggs are. You might have a kid you don’t even know about and then one day BAM a letter from CSA demanding £3,450 in unpaid child support. Better keep an eye on those little soldiers…




    1. This looks really interesting and could potentially be the inspiration for another post about misandry and gender injustice. Thanks for the comment :)


      1. Thanks for responding! My favorite in this post was the last one, I always joke about “what if women had children they didn’t know about” in a sci-fi, medical thriller sense. Could make an interesting short story. Look forward to your next post.


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