SASSY BOOK CLUB #1: Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone

All photos by Rebecca Claire, // All Rights Reserved

I joined a book club and it’s sassy AF. One of my goals listed in my 101 in 1001 challenge was to join a book club and I was wondering how the hell I was going to manage this with my new job which runs on a week by week shift pattern. Luckily I came across this online book club called Sassy Books hosted by UK bloggers Hayley of Water Painted Dreams and Charlotte of Colours and Carousels.

Each month they release on the twitter page which book they’ll be reading and what date they’ll be reviewing it on. When it comes to review date you can review the book along with the other bloggers or just use Twitter & reviews to discuss the book you’ve all been reading. I love the idea therefore I didn’t hesitate to get involved straight away and read this month’s book Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone.


Don’t worry, I did read all of the Harry Potter books as a child but this is truly my first re-read as an adult. I shared copies of all seven books with my two brothers who were also book buffs in their youth so of course our copies of the series are stacked away on a bookshelf in my parent’s seaside home. My colleague Katie (who is literally HP obsessed) lent me this rather beautiful hardback copy and threatened me with a kick in the face should I have made a single mark on it.

I’ve always been a fairly big Harry Potter fan having watched the films over and over throughout my teen years and I have of course visited the studios in Watford. I also secretly hoped reading the book would give me a slight bit of insight into what’s going through Katie’s crazy little head when she’s daydreaming and gets that weird look on her face that is only recognisable as either a) a lucid Quidditch dream or b) trying really hard to hold a fart in.

Anybody else remember the Nimbus 2000 being delivered in a more flashy manor?

I found this book kind of difficult to re-read because of the sheer amount of times I’ve seen the movie. There were entire passages of speech that I read to myself exactly as they were in the movie. There were other parts which were so different that I questioned my memory for a moment. 

I noticed a few discrepancies between the book and the film. The first being the point where Harry and Draco first meet in the book is set in Madam Malkin’s robe shop (Diagon Alley) where Draco makes a lasting impression… as a twat! In the film however, they meet for the first time when they’re being sorted into their houses in the great hall. It was at this point that I realised my memories were entirely of the HP film series and not of the books and it made me all kinds of sad for my bookworm childhood. 

The foreshadowing in this book was duty noted and beautifully received this time round. Having familiarised myself with the storyline so well through reruns of the movies, I really noted every name drop and foreshadowed line with true appreciation of Rowling’s meticulous planning for the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and loved taking part in a book club for the first time. This book had me laughing, frowning and literally shaking it in my colleagues face screaming “THERE’S LIKE TWENTY PAGES LEFT KATIE WHY ARE THEY NOT GOING THROUGH FLUFFY’S TRAP DOOR??!” and realistically what else do you want from a book?

Have you re-read the HP series as an adult? What do you prefer, the books or the films?



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