Friday Five #20: Five Sassy AF Shaped Bags

Why not sass up your outfits this summer with one of these awesome shaped handbags that are taking over the high street. Who needs a conventional bag shaped bag when you could have one that’s often mistaken for a tasty beverage? I’ve picked five of my favourite fun shaped bags to share with you guys.

My milk bag brings all the boys to the yard, £35 Accessorize
So aside from attracting boys to your yard, this great little number is often mistaken for a tasty beverage therefore means you can play hilarious pranks on your friends and colleagues.

I’ve been carrying watermelon, £19.99 New Look
Trick passers by into thinking you’re Beyonce with this cute watermelon clutch which sadly is not watermelon scented. New idea for you though New Look?

Eye won’t lose my lipstick in here, £17.90 Romwe
Creep out all your friends are family by staring at them using this blue eyed beauty. Sadly the bag doesn’t blink so you may end up in a few staring contests but it’s all good fun.

You used to call me on my bag phone, Accessorize £35
You may find yourself trying to dial out with this bag phone or phone bag from Accessorize. And like all good smartphones these days, this bag boasts a cute gold colour.

Get out of your cube, Romwe £10.75
You can spend hours and hours puzzling over this Rubiks Cube shaped handbag, complete with non-movable squares so you can try and work out the puzzle without your hands- fabulous!



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