Lime Crime Velvetines 



The blogging/IG/online world has been going crazy for Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid lipsticks for a long time now and I felt it time I finally give the products a go (especially now the Lime Crime scandal has all blown over!)

I bought two of the lipsticks (RRP £13.86) in the shades Cashmere and Faded. Cashmere is a soft and subtle almost grey nude and Faded, a dark frosted berry. Both are matte shades from the original line and I personally chose eBay to purchase mine as they’re available new for as little as £5.



If you’ve not used a liquid-matte lipstick before the first thing worth mentioning is how drying they can be. Lime Crime’s are no different although they are one of the least drying I’ve tried and apply in a really thin layer as to leave a soft finish (no gross clumpy bits.) I recommend using a really drenching lip balm between and before applications.



The staying power of a liquid-matte is usually impressive, I actually wore MUA’s for an eight hour shift with no budge the other day! Sadly I have to say that Lime Crime’s have a less than average stay time and require re-application three to four times throughout the day. I’ve found it’s not very resistant to liquids and can smudge quickly when drinking coffee or if you lick your lips. 


Although formula wise these aren’t a winner, the shades they come in are absolutely gorgeous. The range features 29 shades from dusted pinks to brights like blues and even a yellow. I really want to try Teddy Bear, Riot, Polly and Buffy- all similar shades which are just light enough to suit my skin tone. Buffy is similar to Jeffree Star’s velour liquid lipsticks which retail at £12.50 and have been really talked up recently so I’m tempted to hunt down a good deal on those too.

Which are your favourite liquid matte lipsticks? MUA’s are still my favourite by far purely for their staying power.




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