That’s What She Read: Moranifesto 

Photo by Rebecca Claire, // All Rights Reserved

Caitlin Moran is my fucking hero. Her book How to Build a Girl featured in my first ever That’s What She Read post and I think she might actually be my soulmate/sister.

I was so excited when I found out she’d written not only another book but a book about politics and society and culture and how printers are evil. All of my favourite things. 400 pages of opinions and statistics and laugh out loud moments that was so good that my housemate kept trying to steal the book off me or read it over my shoulder.

I spent the best part of a week reading this on my lunch break, at home in bed, in bad lighting, waiting for meetings to start and even on the toilet. I laughed a lot. I couldn’t put it down and I couldn’t agree more with absolutely everything Moran has to say. Her views on capitalism and the so called system are just spot on, they mirror my views almost exactly.

The great thing is its broken down into lots of little chapters which like blog posts are easy to read or to put down and come back to. This is the sort of book you can speed your way through without even realising because it’s so easy to dip in and out of without getting lost. It’s a whole world of inspiration for anyone who writes a blog.

I realised after reading it that I’ll never run out of things to blog about because Caitlin Moran wrote a whole chapter about the Daft Punk song Get Lucky and that means anything can be worth reading if it’s sassy and funny enough.

There were a few mentions of TV shows I hadn’t seen like Girls and Raised by Wolves (written by Caitlin & Catherine Moran) but that just sparked a bit of a TV binge.

If you’ve not read anything by Moran before then this is still a good place to start. Her other books are all brilliant too and will give you a feel for her but the way she writes is so captivating and stomach stitching that you’ll be gripped through this and then want to get to know the rest of her work.

Have you read any of Moran’s books? I’d love to know what you thought…




      1. excuse me! how incredibly rude. especially to one of your avid followers and readers. I shall not read your posts again. Good Bye!!


    1. Let me know what you thought when you’re done, be nice to see if her views match yours too and review would be great, not read any others on this xx


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