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It’s only when you become happy with yourself that you look back at past relationships and think WTFH WAS I DOING. What were they doing? How the hell did that happen?

Here are a few musings along those lines in the form of this week’s Friday Five post; 5 Ridiculous Break Ups I’ve Actually Experienced….

1. When I was 17 I had this boyfriend who was just super clingy and I felt awful that I really wasn’t that into him. I tried to end it gently but he begged and I felt worse and worse about it until eventually I told him that I’d cheated on him to get rid of him. I hadn’t cheated.

2. I dated a slightly younger guy who turned out to have a much lower mental age and was super immature about everything. When we broke up, I had an early miscarriage and I stupidly decided to tell him. He had like literally no reaction. I’m convinced he didn’t know the meaning of the word.

3. Before I went to uni I was dating this guy who lived in Coventry and the month before I was due to leave and move to Leicester (much nearer to him than my hometown of St Albans) he decided to end it via text. I got really drunk that night and did a sick in my dad’s car. Nice.

4. Not too long ago I went on about seven dates with this guy and I just like WASN’T GETTING ANYTHING. I couldn’t work out if I liked him or not. He was good looking, had a great job and had fun hobbies but he just didn’t ha e a personality. My stupid idea was to ghost on him and mute our WhatsApp conversation. There was a good 20 odd messages that built up in the WhatsApp graveyard before I deleted the conversation. Oops.

5. I was with the guy for a year who was just a total control freak. After a row, a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook to let me know she’d seen his profile on Tinder. I deleted his number. A good 48 hours pass and he eventually calls and talks to me like nothing has happened. When I sent over a screenshot of his Tinder profile he insisted his friend had seen MY profile on there and he was searching to see if it was true. He then turned it into him breaking up with me. Always had to have the last word!

Tell me below about your most ridiculous break ups!

rebecca claire


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