I’ve become a bit of a geek when it comes to phones ever since I worked in the mobile upgrades campaign at a local sales company. When I first moved away from Apple I got a HTC One M9 which I reviewed here. I then got the Z5 compact for Christmas, my first Sony phone in years and the most incredible camera I’d ever seen on a phone (note the photograph quality on this blog drastically improves as time goes on.) See the Z5 review here.

Sony announced the Xperia X a couple of months ago and it went on sale at the beginning of June. Since M was due an upgrade I managed to get the handset and swapped my Z5 compact with him.

Sadly there was no compact edition which meant I’d have to go back to the 5 inch phone size which I’ve actually become very accustomed to in the week or two I’ve had it. However it is slightly lighter and smaller than the full size Z5, Z3 and Z1 phones.

phone 3

I got it in this beautiful rose gold colour which looks great with this phone case I bought from eBay. In all honestly I only took on the upgrade because the phone looks so beautiful. It feels great to use and is much faster than my Z5- especially since I made use of the memory card slot in the one. Did you know storing tons of 23MP photographs slows your phone right down?

Aside from the larger screen the Xperia X offers a much better front camera which is better than the main camera on the iPhone (13MP) and records video in full HD. The main camera is the same as it’s predecessor at 23MP. So basically, I’m vain. I like to take super high quality photos of myself and I like things that are pink and shiny.

Point is, it’s a great phone. The photographs are always bright and sharp. It does everything you could possibly need and it has enough memory (with a 200gb expansion) that you’ll never run out.

Are you a fellow Xperia user or are you thinking of ditching an iPhone? What do you think the best smartphone is?

rebecca claire


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