So this week’s Friday Five post has been replaced with this post regarding the Versatile Blogger Aware which I was nominated for by the lovely Melina Banana.

I’d like to begin this post by thanking Melina for the nomination (she’s an active reader of the blog too so thanks again Melina for your on-going support of libfemblog!) and by urging you all to head over to her blog and check out all the wonderful posts she’s been writing like this one about Amsterdam and this one about weird thoughts feminists have.


On accepting this award I have agreed to write about 7 things you might not already know about me so here goes…


  1. I’m a bit of a nerd and although I haven’t really spoken about any of the nerdy pop culture things I’m into on my blog, I’m a big fan of cartoons and sci-fi and I collect Pop Vinyls.
  2. I give blood! I think giving blood is a really great thing to do and not just for the firm confirmation that I do not have aids.
  3. A couple of years ago I raised ยฃ1000 for charity by walking from Carlisle to Newcastle (90 odd miles) in a few days, which is really unlike me considering I moan about having to walk absolutely anywhere.
  4. Iย can’t swim properly and haven’t been in a pool or in swimwear since 2008
  5. However I did do the Great Barrier Reef which required floating skills and a good pair of board shorts.
  6. I also did the edge walk around the CN tower in Toronto which was absolutely terrifying but totally worth it.
  7. In my first year out of uni I worked as a sales rep for the well known broadband provider TalkTalk. I made ยฃ38,000 in my year there.


1. ROSY CANDLIN of The Hungry Graduate

2. NICOLE MARIE of Thrifty Vintage Fashion

3. KITTY KAOS of Adventures of a Riot Grrrl

4. MARIANNE HAYNES of February Stationary

5. VICKY MELDREW of VixMeldrew

6. EMILY HUGHES of The Bell Jar Blog

7. LUCY of Bethan’s Blog

8. THE NAMELESS Single Vegas Girl

9. HAYLEY & DAVID of The 5 Year Memory Blog

10. HAYLEY RUSSELL of Water Painted Dreams


  • Thank your nominator
  • Share the award on your blog
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Choose 10 new nominees who have fewer than 1000 followers
  • Notify them via social media

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