Okay it’s almost time for the EU referendum, the argument that everybody’s been having. Should I stay or should I go?

Well you’ve probably guessed that I am on the stay side because well, I’m not a massive fucking racist.

My friend had the idea that everyone who wants to leave the EU should just get up and leave it. I’m down with that. Cya!

But in all seriousness, has anyone got a reason that they want to leave the EU aside from immigration? Because that’s what this seems to all be about.

There is (hopefully just) a small number of people who want out of the EU because they’re against free immigration. That thing that allows us lazy Brits to travel freely around Europe with no intention of ever returning home. The EU also gives us free trade, the right to a fair working week and your year out studying abroad.

It’s an issue of entitlement. It’s easy to forget that we are all human beings trying to survive on this planet. Some had the privilege of being born into wealthier countries than others. Well congrats, you didn’t do anything to achieve your nationality and you are no more deserving of it than anybody else.

Voting us out is about segregation. It is about xenophobia and fear of anybody who is different to you. It is about saying “this is ours and nobody else can have it” to something that was never yours in the first place.

The world economy is fucked up as it is but the European Union gives us that sense of unity and solidarity that we need for more fair governing. The EU have bailed our politicians and financial industries out, cleaned up our beaches and given us stronger workers rights.

Some argue that being part of the EU is costing us loads of money and that leaving would save us billions but others argue that we benefit financially from our EU membership. By the looks of it, we can’t be certain what leaving will mean unless we do it. I’m not sure that’s a risk we should take.

Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, scientist and all round awesome guy, argues that we shouldn’t have a say in whether we stay or leave the EU because you’d basically need a degree in World Economics to even begin to understand the decision.

“How should I know? I don’t have a degree in economics. Or history. How dare you entrust such an important decision to ignoramuses like me?”

And I agree with Dawkins. Do we actually know shit all about politics? We’re basically just sheep to the party we most favour.

I think the only thing we can seem to decide on for ourselves is whether or not we’re for or against immigration, and I’m totally for it.

Why am I for immigration? I like the idea that we should all be free to choose which country we live in. The world is one place and the people in it are all people of equal value. Also have you actually met any European immigrants? They work their freaking asses off compared to us Brits and they work in jobs a lot of us would not be willing to.

Did you know Europeans are more educated that the British? 31% of Europeans are educated to degree level as opposed to the 24% of Brits who chose higher education. And if you think that the educated immigrants aren’t the ones that move to Britain, think again; 50% of foreign born UK Citizens and 62% of Western European migrants have degrees.

Those voting for Brexit are simply suckers for hate mongering propaganda, sheep to The Sun and The Mirror, xenophobic, racist or just damn stubborn. My question for those who are voting to leave is this; R U DUMBBBBBB?!

How will you be voting in the referendum and why?




  1. I’ll be voting remain for a number of reasons, but immigration-wise I’m an idealist – I see the borderless EU and the peace and unity it’s supposed to stand for as the future, and the campaign to leave it as a selfish, propaganda-charged step backwards into isolation and nationalism. It’s by no means perfect and massive reform is needed, but it’s a far better message IMO to vote in than add fuel to the xenophobic wildfires spreading across the country right now. Cos whatever your reasons for voting to leave are, that campaign of terror and intolerance is what your vote is really supporting.


  2. The social workers party released an interesting booklet titled “a leftist view to leave”. To suggest that anybody voting leave is racist is shutting down a debate that needs to be had. The EU is no socialist dream, it’s a massively undemocratic, neoliberal body that serves big business. Traditional socialists are afraid of speaking out for fear of being tarnished with the same brush as ukip and other right wing xenophobes. Which is allowing the entire argument to be framed by the right. Take your pick, Boris or Cameron. Farage or Osbourne. Where’s the lefts voice?


    1. The left voice is Green as far as I’m aware although I think you kinda missed the point of this post. The point was that anybody who chooses to leave MUST be against immigration enough to choose a vote that gets rid of it. Doesn’t matter what other reasons they choose to give, they are still making a vote which will reduce European immigration and they are not informed enough to give any other reason because the only sure thing in this vote is the immigration side of things.


    1. This really saddens me that his attitude towards women being raped is so warped!! I still think his point about the referendum stands strong although my opinion of him is now so much less :(


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