That’s What She Read: SUMMER ROUND UP #1


One month ago today I posted a list of Ten Books I’m Almost Definitely Going to Read This Summer and I’m now part way through book number five; The Hobbit. Here’s what I thought of the first four…


I picked up this thriller on Kindle for 99p and haven’t ever heard of the Author, Mark Edwards prior to this read. It was listed as being similar to other thrillers I’ve loved like Girl on the Train, The Accident and Gone Girl. It didn’t disappoint. I was gripped through to the end wondering what had happened to the characters in the mysterious house in Romania they kept obsessing over. Great book and thrilling read. 4/5


Sophia Amaruso’s best selling book about her journey from searching through smelly thrift stores to running a multi-million dollar fashion company. Her story is nothing short of inspiring and I found her book totally motivational. It’s a get-shit-done kinda book and it makes capitalism look pretty good for once! 5/5


This novel by Jennifer Niven felt a lot like a John Green read. Partly because I felt a little too old to relate to the characters and partly because of the simplistic writing style and heartfelt story. It follows two characters both of which who are thinking a lot about death, but they find solace in each other’s company. 3/5


This Kindle short was really damn short and disappointingly so because the author – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – has a lot of great points. I had to highlight a fair few bits for referring back to later and I loved how much she highlighted misandry. It came to an end way too quickly but 5/5

rebecca claire

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