Five mugmugs ui loves

mug 1

It’s not just me who has a bit of an obsession with cute mugs right? There’s just something about being able to enjoy your morning coffee or tea out of a super cute piece of china wear isn’t there? I have SO many cute mugs that some are used for storing make up brushes or for potting cacti, but at least they all go to good use.

Here are five of my favourite ones!

I love sugar skulls- I have a huge one tattooed on my right arm! I actually have two of these sugar skull mugs that I’ve pictured above. The other houses my foundation brushes and this one is used for teas and coffees. The exact design tends to crop up in gift shops like Set and Evolution where I found the two I have and a few other goodies with the beautiful sugar skull face.

mug 2

Every one has to have a pug mug! I got this one from my auntie for Christmas 2015 and I love the simple, cute design plus who can resist requesting their tea be made in the pug mug, awwww.

mug 3

I still need to pick up the pastel blue and green ones of these. I actually found them in the pound shop so these were a great deal! They look so cute in our kitchen cupboards and are nice to serve guests.

mug 5

This tea pot mug is sadly a bit of a novelty and doesn’t get used too often. It was £4 or so in Tiger (I love all their homewares!) but realistically only holds one portion of tea and means carrying milk wherever the pot itself goes. Looks beautiful in the collection though!

mug 43

These pastel geometric mugs were a little treat to myself from New Looks January sale. I’m pretty sure the pair were £2 and they’re a go to his & hers tea cups for me and M. I excused the unecessary purchase with ‘they make a good blog photo prop!’ and until now they haven’t featured in any posts.

Are you a total fiend for buying lots and lots of mugs? Maybe you’re a mug for mugs?
Where do you buy yours from? Leave a comment below.




    1. Thanks for reading. I think the obsession starts when you’re living at home and it’s the one kitchen item that’s yours and then that’s it by the time you move out for uni you have approximately 57 and nowhere to put them lol


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