Notes on June 2016


Hello new readers, avid readers, friends & family! June has been good to me in ways and bad to me others but I wanted to update you with all the beautiful photographs I’ve been taking and let you know about my adventures. Spoiler alert: I didn’t do too much. I hope you’re all enjoying this strange stormy British Summer and are done crying about the Brexit (for now.)

This month started with the birth of my friend Jordan’s baby girl- little Maggie (congratulations Jordan & Rhys, I have never seen such a damn beautiful kid!) She was a couple of weeks late so we were all really over excited. I went to see her when she was back from the hospital and Maggie was so sweet and sleepy, I just wanted to take her home.


Mid-month I took a trip down to Milton Keynes for one of our re-uni-on nights where a few of us from uni get together for wine and fun times. There was a lot of wine, some sicks & some tantrums and it was a very fun night indeed. Pictured above is Jack Randall who did really well not to sick but did fall asleep a few times as always (psst. we’re all getting old!)

I FINALLY got my new bicycle which I’ve been waiting for for ages! Thank you Cycle Scheme & City Cycles! It’s the most beautiful classic frame in baby blue with a basket and bell. I feel like a twee old lady riding it and the basket it great for the likes of picnic blankets and instant cameras.

The day after I got it, I rode down to the Space Centre for a Star Wars event with Katie & Loz who are probably the nerdiest people I know. We watched light sabre displays, met Warwick Davis and I even used the force on a Storm Trooper (picture myself with K and L dressed as R2 and BB8; “these are not the driods you’re looking for!” It was a great afternoon!

Loz took the photo of me with my bike pictured on the right hand side of this new theme (or on the about page if you’re a mobile user.)


In the same weekend, I met up with my brother and dad in Greenwich for an afternoon of cider, boat adventures and nosing round my brother’s new flat in the area. Pictured above is the two of them sitting on a throne which was part of a statue. I made them squeeze on there for the picture and I love it because they’re both giving such genuine smiles (my brother has always been one for a bad fake smile!)

Pictured below is a London Pride meringue I paid 50p for while visiting the historic boat The Cutty Sark, because I thought it might look good on my insta grid. I did not instagram it in the end. Bollocks.



I ended June with a week of being poorly. I finally dragged myself out of bed for a little bike ride today and Brian (gay bestie who is staying with us rn) bought me these macarons to make me feel better!



How did June treat you guys? Are you fed up of the stormy weather?

rebecca claire


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