The Leicestershire Bloggers Clothes Swap


I’d like to start this post by saying this this was my first ever bloggers event. It might not be a massive one or a totally big deal but it was a great opportunity to meet some locals, pick up some goodies and enjoy afternoon tea in the sunshine. Prime Instagram opportunities.

The event was organised by Laura aka The Extreme Housewife who was also one of the first to welcome me to the Leicestershire bloggers Facebook group. She was welcoming and friendly and I really hope to attend more of her events in the future!

The idea of the clothes swap was simply to bring along any unwanted clothing (accessories, shoes, etc) and help yourself to any pre-loved items you want to re-home. Any left over items were taken along to a local hospice charity, Loros.

It was held at the Exchange bar as a free event which meant it was a nice cheap afternoon out as well as helping me clear up some well needed wardrobe space & indulging in a lovely afternoon tea.


As you can tell from the above photos, the basement of the Exchange was a little dim, I struggled to get some good photos of the clothes although I did manage to get great ones of the bar itself.

I loved the knitting patterns on the walls of the toilets and the fairy lights all around. You can just about glimpse the knitting patterns in the mirror in the photo below. I can imagine it being a great music venue and Laura who had to been to a few shows there tells me it is; will definitely have to catch a show there some time! The staff were really friendly and there’s a great selection of ciders & ales.

I donated mostly clothes rather than accessories, unloading about 10 tops, 3 dresses and a fair few skirts and shorts too. I realised whilst unbagging that most of my stuff had Bart Simpson on it.

I found a few things I liked although I was really selective (as I’m trying to live minimally) and only picked up one item, belonging to the organiser herself, an over the shoulder bag all the way from South America.



After we were done looking through the clothes, we headed upstairs for our (much better lit) afternoon tea. Our layout was originally for three so we struggled to get through all this food and ended up taking a fair bit home in a doggy bag. We didn’t stay too long because I decided to surprise my housemate with a kitten that afternoon so I had business to attend to.

Can we just talk for one second about the unlimited teapot (sadly not under a charm but refilled by the bar’s lovely waiting staff,) and the fact that when something is ‘all you can eat’ or in this case ‘all you can drink’ that it is really difficult to keep any kind of handle of your sense of when you’ve had enough. I must have drunk 7 cups of tea and then wondered why I couldn’t stomach cakes and macarons.

There was also a selection of sandwiches; two avocado salad, two brie & bacon and two with prosciutto ham, rocket, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes. So damn good. There was also scones with thick cream (although it wasn’t the best kind; clotted), strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. Just look at all that food!




I loved the Exchange and the clothes swap was great for clearing out my wardrobe. I definitely want to take my mum out for tea here, she’d love all food at this place!

Have you attended any bloggers events? Do you recommend any in the Midlands?




    1. It’s a shame I couldn’t stick round a bit longer but you know, when it’s time to get a kitten then all other things go out the window! Are you attending the east mids bloggers meet?


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