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Hey there beauty bloggers, book bloggers, feminist bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers… and so on. And also a big hello to those of you who are not bloggers at all! You have come through to this post because one of the bloggers you follow has shared this link so we can unite as bloggers against fascism!

Fascism is a word used to describe behaviours of intolerance and ignorance. It is mostly associated with far right politics and people like Nigel Farage and his band of idiots (aka UKIP supporters). It refers to extreme right wing practice, not so much that of the Tories but more of those who are more aligned with nationalism and isolationism.

Since the outcome of the EU Referendum there has been a great deal of hostility towards migrants and the country is seemingly divided on the matter. A lot of us feel frustrated and angry that people would use the outcome as an excuse to act out and commit hate crimes. Look at the those which have already happened since the results.

The five girls below are all bloggers who want to stand up against fascism and who already get people talking about sensitive matters like race, gender, sexual orientation,  mental health and even periods. Some of them I’ve been following for a while and others I’m totally new to, but they all write great blogs which you should check out.

Age 17-25 these bloggers were all for the remain side of the EU referendum and all believe there should be equality for all. They are forward thinking, liberal, open minded and intelligent women and I want you all to hear their opinion on UK politics and fascism.



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I’ve been following Steph a little while now and I love her posts about CF Beauty. I don’t read a great deal of beauty blogs because I can find them all a bit samey sometimes but Steph’s really sticks out to me because a) she always demonstrates the product on herself b) her personality shines through her writing and c) her product reviews are comprehensive & authentic.

She’s also a feminist and a fan of Star Wars so she’s awesome in my books.

Social justice is at the top of my list; simple but evidently forgotten things like fair distribution of wealth, universal access to education and health care, rights and anti-discrimination laws for gender, sexual and ethnic minorities and disabled people etc.  The NHS isn’t far behind though as on top of it being the pride and joy of so many people here and it being a unique and respected institution world-wide, I work for the NHS and with nurses in particular, so I’ve seen first hand how stretched to their limits they are, only to then have bursaries for students cut and the ease of recruiting EU nurses taken away from them now too.” – Steph



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Sian blogs about books, beauty and (my favourite) stationary! I’m quite new to Sians blog but I’ve found myself checking it every few days as she posts regularly (week days at 8am) and she also tweets about politics a fair bit.

I’ve had an interest in politics since I was about 15 but it’s not something I discuss on my blog. As disappointed as I was with the results, I am incredibly proud that so many young people have been discussing politics on social media. Despite the low turnout of young people, social media seems to be the way of engaging young people in politics. I’ve been passionate for many years about politics and especially trying to get young people to vote. I believe that blogging would be a fantastic way to get young people talking about their beliefs regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum!” – Sian




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I’m quite a long term reader of Thrifty Vintage Fashion, I think Nicole is a blogging genius and her stats reflect that. Her posts are really engaging and her photos are great, I also love how much she opens up about hard hitting issues and mental health. For our youngest blogger she’s certainly one of the most advanced!

I wanted to be part of this post to express my opinion as someone who wasn’t eglibe to vote but cares about politics and is going to be left with the outcome of the EU Referendum . Young people do care about the future of our country. Well I know I do. I expect that if they let 16 and 17 year olds vote the outcome would have been very different and we wouldn’t be in this mess we are now. Politics and young people are often negatively associated with each other but I want to tell you that yes some kids are more interested in their skateboards and red bull, but not every young person has such a lacluster attitude to poltitics.” – Nicole


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Hannah is relatively new to the blogging world. I was surprised to see her follow count on Twitter below 200 because her content is so so good! She is funny with what she writes and really brings her personality across. I loved her recent post Transform Your Mind; Not Your Tits where she was super honest and open about plastic surgery. I urge you all to check out her blog!

I think it’s unleashed Pandora box – and I think those who argue that it’s all propaganda on the remain side are seriously deceiving themselves. The figures speak for themselves. The far right movement has been inciting racial hate for years now, but with the majority of our population now sitting in their camp, its becoming more and more normalised within society. Never before have I been so aware of other people’s political opinions and never before have I been attacked so personally for my own. I belive our political values are becoming as polarised as American politics. In fact I know it. Almost all of my friends voted leave, and though we’ve agreed not to mention it, the knowledge still pervades the air when we meet up. It’s there, just on the surface, and it stinks.” – Hannah



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I had never stumbled upon Sandra’s blog prior to the startup of this campaign. I actually went looking for a blogger who was living in the UK but was an EU Citizen therefore able to live and work here due to our membership in the EU. Her blog is great and although I don’t follow any other food blogs, I spent a good amount of time last week looking over all of her lovely recipes and restaurant reviews.

I am actually a food and lifestyle blogger, so politics is not a topic I usually write about but even though the referendum is now gone, what happens next is still to debate and decide. Being an EU citizen, I didn’t get to vote in the referendum. I was infuriated (so much so in fact that my boss bought me ice-cream to calm me down!) I wasn’t really mad for myself (as I said I am a EU citizen, so my own situation is of course at risk, but I doubt it’s very likely anyone will be sent home, and even if it did happen, I have 27 countries to go to). My anger was because of how much this whole thing has been damaging the economy and the opportunities of young British people. Young people majorly voted to stay in and they will have to deal with the consequences of a choice they didn’t make for the longest, which is extremely unfair.” – Sandra


Over the next week, the girls will be answering important questions about intolerance, fascism & uk politics to get us all talking more about how we can combat and challenge these behaviours and ideas. I’m really looking forward to what they have to say on the matter!

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  1. First I thought this lovely, but after clicking to the blogs I did find more commercial than ethic or political blogs => disappointing to notice how they fell for capitalism and commercialism.


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