I’ve been working real hard on my blog photography, can you tell? This handy little light box above was just £16.99 and will be appearing in many more posts- isn’t it so cute? But taking high quality images without even so much as owning a camera can be challenging. I use the Xperia X (review here) which boasts a whopping 23mp camera and since it’s a Sony, the lens is far better than that of the iPhone or Samsung. However, you don’t need the latest smart phone or any expensive software to take beautiful photos and I thought it would be nice to share with you a few tips on how I get my photos looking professional and bright!

Anybody who knows anything about anything will be able to tell you that the key to a great photograph is light, good old natural daylight. Although brightening images is a viable and easy option these days, brightening a dark photo can result in a grainy image that just doesn’t look quite right.

Set up a ‘blogging station’ near your window with a place you can take pictures in bright, natural daylight. As you can see from the above photo, I chose an empty white dresser which I cover is cute pastel props whenever I need to take a header image.

If you can’t catch much daylight then I’d suggest an LED daylight lamp which you can get on Amazon for as little as £7! Mine is great however I much prefer the natural light until the dim winter months are upon us.

The rule of three applies to practically everything doesn’t it? It works in photography, bad things & when delivering lists… see! When applied to photos the rule of three can be great for creating a really eye catching image that’s really aesthetically pleasing. Some cameras and smartphones have a grid you can apply when photographing which can help on getting the perfect shot however I tend to shoot from a distance before cropping and adjusting the frame to fit my rule of thirds.

I was given a tip (and sadly I can’t remember for the life of me who by) to always use a simple palette with photographs. Stick to two main, neutral colours and an accent colour in order for the clearest and most professional shots- especially when photographing products and things for a blog where you have a choice on exactly what goes in the photo.

This bad boy is my absolute saviour! A free app with in-app purchases available to enhance the software, photoshop express is perfect for brightening photos and making them look crisper and more professional. I tend to up the exposure, de-fog and clarify before saving the photo back to my phone ready to upload to the computer. I usually use Facebook messenger to get my images across to the PC or Laptop so I can move onto the final editing stage.

Another great free app, this time available on PC where you can upload and edit a photo. It’s web based which means you can use it from anywhere! I use this app simply to add text to my photographs like the libfemblog logo you’ll see on the bottom right corner of most of my photos. I know lots of other bloggers like ThriftyVintageFashion who use PicMonkey to add graphics, text and even images to their photographs to up the ante from raw image to professional level. I actually find it much easier to use than paid for software such as photoshop CS6 (which I also have and rarely touch!)

Did these tips and tricks help you? How do you improve your photos? I’d love to hear what you thought below so please leave me a comment!







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