Foundation Free Summer


FINALLY, summer has reared it’s cute little sunshiney head and it’s time to whip out the pretty skirts, florals and pastel tones. I love summer as much as the next gal but I have some serious issues with the hot weather; I find myself feeling like I’m burning from the inside out and my make up melts off in a matter of minutes regardless of how much setting spray I apply. I know it’s not the sexiest thing to reveal to you but my upper lip seriously sweats off the foundation leaving my skin looking patchy and gross. Please somebody else tell me you’re suffering with this too? And to top it off it becomes slightly worse this year thanks to my new found love for cycling!

I’ve always thought that the foundation is a bit of a catch 22; you wear it because your skin is bad and as a result of wearing it, your skin gets worse. Foundation clogs your pores and stops sunshine getting to your skin which can lead to more blemishes and spots. As a teen I was lucky enough to have perfectly clear skin but as I reached my 20’s the spots started appearing and I never had the confidence to leave the house without a full face of makeup and maybe it was because I was caught in this paradox.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I want to talk about having the confidence to go foundation free for the summer. I did it last year and just a few weeks ago, I realised that I’d not had a foundation free day (out of the house) since September.

Summer is the perfect time to quit foundation wearing. The weather is warm and your makeup is already coming off half way through the day so for 50% of your time you’re already looking like a smudgy mess- why not be a natural beauty for 100% of the day? Giving your skin a break from products and exposing it to some fresh air and sunshine will surely do your skin some good and means there won’t be any makeup to forget to remove at night!

It is really important that during this transitional period you are drinking lots of water and following a thorough skincare routine too. I cleanse, tone and moisturise each night, exfoliate once a week and use a mask each weekend to treat my skin to plenty of hydration and nutrients. Since starting the routine two weeks ago my skin has become almost entirely clear and I only struggle with the dark circles under my eyes which can be quickly rectified with a little concealer rather than a full face of foundation.

Are you trying to muster the confidence to go foundation free this summer? Or you always a natural skinned beauty? Leave a comment below.






  1. I’ve never had perfect skin, far from it – full of sebaceous filaments (which drive me insane) and a fair few blackheads and whiteheads – and my skin has always flared up when my hormones have messed me about, but I’ve never been too bothered by covering up. I’ve been conscious about it for sure, and I’ll often put a little bit of concealer on if it’s really bad, but my mum never let me cover myself in foundation so I guess I just learned to live with it! Nowadays, I never wear foundation except for really special occasions, and those days I want a little more coverage I’ll just use a little bit of BB cream. I like to look different when I go out as opposed to when I am at work/the supermarket, etc. :)

    Hannah x

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    1. That’s great that despite bad skin you’ve been brave enough to go without foundation! My mum can’t tell the difference between me with and without- I told her the other day I wasn’t wearing it and she didn’t believe me lol. And I totally get what you mean, I look really different on special occasions to when I’m at work whereas before I really didn’t xxx


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