FRIDAY FIVE #27: Pokémon Go, Pokémon Going, Pokémon Gone

It’s time for a Pokémon Go appreciation post! I absolutely love this game and not just for the childhood nostalgia and all round nerdiness but also because it’s got people actually leaving their houses and enjoying the sunshine instead of gaming away inside. It brings people together and with the release of other apps like GoChat which connect users; it is a really sociable game. It has got some people simultaneously enjoying the outdoors and almost entirely ignoring it but others like myself are using it as an excuse to go on long walks and bike rides with their friends and that can only be a positive!

I’ve been on that Pidgey grind for a few days now and I’m finally starting to hoard away a few decent Pokémon. I’ve even been to the extent of cycling twice the distance to work just to catch all those water Pokémon down by the river. I get too excited over finding new ones and I take my phone everywhere just in case there’s a Vulpix hiding out in the toilet (there wasn’t but there was a Hypno.)

Here are five things that are absolutely awesome about pokemon go!

1. It forces you to leave your house! 

Unlike most games,  Pokémon Go encourages users to walk or cycle in order to hatch eggs, hit Pokestops and catch new monsters which means many of us are getting lots of well needed exercise while having fun. I didn’t even notice my 15k walk yesterday!

2. It encourages people to come together. 

I’ve met a few people out and about playing this game and have been asking them where they found their best pokemon.  The social aspect has been amplified by things like Facebook pages and GoChat which gets users interacting about the game.

3. It makes you feel like a kid again. 

Even if you didn’t play tons of Pokemon as a kid there is definitely a nostalgic aspect to the Game. The chase and excitement, levelling up and feeling proud of yourself when you evolve a Pokemon are all things that can make us feel 12 again.

4. Anybody can play as long as they have a smartphone. 

Unlike traditional gaming and some mobile games, PokémonGo is free so that anybody can play. Unless you’re stupid enough to pay for Pokeballs this game won’t cost you a damn penny (just all of your waking hours) and takes away some of the exclusivity of gaming. You don’t even have to be good, just persistent and enthusiastic.

5. Its hella fun. 

So yeah maybe not the most well thought out reason to play but who the hell cares this is Friday Five not Friday Four so you should play because it’s fun. It is competitive and you actually feel a sense of achievement for catching as many pokemon as possible and levelling up past your friends.

I also thought (since I’m such a highly skilled Pokémon trainer) that I’d include my top tips for game play below for those who are just starting out on their Pokémon adventures and for those of you who are just total noobs. Enjoy.

Pidgey Grinding
This is the simple act of collecting as many low level Pokémon as you can and evolving them all at once (especially while using a lucky egg for double XP) to blast out a whole load of XP and level up as quickly as possible. Levelling up means new Pokémon!

Eggs can be found at Pokestops along with the Pokeballs. You have to walk, cycle or drive (no faster than 12mph) to qualify and the app needs to be open (with the screen locked if you like) in order for the distance to count. But these eggs once hatched contain new Pokémon, sometimes rare so they’re well worth collecting and hatching.

Get on Your Bike!
If you want to fill your inventory with tons of Pokeballs, eggs and lures as well as catch a whole load on your way simply jump on your bike and cycle around your town or city. I caught 10 and picked up 30 Pokeballs on my commute to work this morning and I only had to stop a handful of times. You can usually grab Pokeballs by spinning the Pokestop before you pass it and quickly tapping the X ready for the next stop.

Hunt Carefully
As much fun as it is collecting 400 Pidgeys and bragging about your top level Pokémon, there are tons of rare ones to be found. If you see one you’re after in your list of nearby Pokémon then tapping the one you want will increase your chances of finding it. I’ve been attempting to use this hunt to nab Squirtles but so far it’s only caught me a Psyduck.

Are you having tons of fun playing Pokémon Go right now? Leave me your tips and tricks below and let me know what awesome Pokémon you’ve caught!





  1. I love this post. It’s really bothered me how some people have been so snobby about the game, like its beneath them, when they’ve probably been playing Candy Crush for years. It’s fun and it gets people out and about which is so much more than most games do!
    The town I live in has no phone signal (joys of living in a valley) so I have to drive out of the town to go hunting. Still worth it!
    Great post, and happy Pokemon hunting!

    Beth x


    1. Thank you for reading Beth. Haha exactly, it’s the exact sort of people who played candy crush who won’t get on board with it!
      Oh nooooooo I live right by town so it’s encouraging walks around the city at every free moment. I hope you find a blastoise hanging in the valley! Xo


  2. I absolutely agree with all those mentioned points. I can’t really understand why some people are against it anyways. like to be honest, its more of a nostalgia throwback than technology. It actually makes me feel like i should watch the original series again. (i did btw, last month itself) Been playing it like a crazy person since it got launched. although got quite sick of catching tons of Doduos and weedles but then, Ash’s motto of ‘Gotta Catch em all’ keeps me motivated. :)


    1. I watched it recently too, so much nostalgia! Thank you so much for reading and make sure we add eachother when trading finally becomes available (which it inevitably will!)
      ps. I have no doduos whatsoever so keep grinding them low level pokemon!

      Liked by 1 person

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