You may have seen recently my post on going Foundation Free for Summer which I will admit has been a difficult challenge considering how I feel about my face right now. As I type this I am sat in the office with no foundation or concealer on and the only make up on my face is mascara and brow gel (which I cannot function without) I also look like shit because I woke up an hour late today and chose washing my body over wearing highlighter and styling my hair.

Anywayyyy- this little bad boy The Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser has been an absolute life saver for clearing my skin up and ensuring my pores are less visible. I was previously using the Boots Botanics foaming facial wash (which is very similar to Clinques if you need a decent dupe!) however I found it quite drying and it just wasn’t doing the trick on my pores. I switched to this because I was really concerned about redness, spots and open pores making me look like an acnefied teenager instead of the mid twenties goddess I am. *cough* shut up Becca *cough*

I’ve been using half a pump of this daily in with the rest of my skincare routine to deeply cleanse and soothe my skin. Like most traditional anti-spot treatments, the Fab Pore is loaded with tea tree, witch hazel and grapefruit which leave your skin feeling tingly and minty (which always makes you think OMG YES THIS IS WORKING ITS MAGIC RN.) It also smells slightly of cucumber which is one of my favourite scents when it comes to skincare however it’s not a listed ingredient so maybe my sense of smell is off but either way it’s super refreshing and cooling.

With a price tag of £8, the Fab Pore is good value for money compared to most skincare and comes in this beautiful green packaging which pumps the liquid out in a thick foam. As I said, half a pump is plenty as any more gets wasted so I expect this to last a good 3-4 months.

I really want to try the rest of the range however I am being good with my slow living & take a lot of consideration before purchasing a product. I also must use up another product before I buy new. Have you tried the rest of the Fab Pore products like the mask or serum? What did you think?








  1. I’m forever searching for products to help reduce the appearance of pores so I’m definitely going to check this out after your review! Great post lovely! X

    Meg X


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