So after a lot of excitement and waiting for a day where the cinema times suited my shifts, I finally went to see the new Ghostbusters film. I was absolutely dying to see it because I love the horror/comedy/sci-fi combo and the cast was one to die for. I’ve been singing the theme tune ever since.

Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig were both hilarious and admirable; truly three dimensional characters with a sense of determination and humour. But what is truly great about this film is the fact that for the first time in history, a popular blockbuster movie features four female main characters in (let’s be honest) typically male roles. Women are shooting stuff and fighting ghosts and being scientists all without assistance from a man, unless you count their dumb-as-shit-but-rather-good-looking secretary Kevin. It shouldn’t really be a notable achievement in 2016 that women are finally being written as actual fucking people but it is and we should talk about it.

After seeing Ghostbusters I feel like the film industry has finally taken a turn for the better, giving us hope for a future where women are portrayed properly in movies. Lots of recent movies still fail the Bechdel Test however there seems to be a rise in films which reflect the truth; which is that women are just as multi-faceted, intelligent, capable and badass as men. We’re on the brink of a new Wonder Woman movie, we have Harley Quinn batting for us in Suicide Squad, the Ab Fab movie showing a side of women we can all relate to and with people loving the new Ghostbuster’s film it looks like we’re closing in further on equality in the film industry.

Ghostbusters is not only innovative for it’s casting but also showed some incredible special effects. I loved how all the ghosts looked and all the other CGI used in the film. I don’t normally bother seeing films in 3D because it usually hurts my eyes and means I have to sit super close to avoid wearing glasses on top of my glasses however this time I went to a 3D viewing as it was the only convenient showing and I wasn’t actually disappointed. We sat right in the centre and had the perfect distance from the screen which meant I didn’t need to wear glasses or struggle at all. The 3D was really effective and I definitely jumped the first time a ghost came flying at me!

Have you seen the new Ghostbusters film? What did you think? Are you totally rooting for more all female casts outside the “chick flick” genre?
Please leave a comment below!

rebecca claire



    1. (oops didn’t finish my comment and hit send) ** anywayyyy it’s worth seeing at the cinema because of all the CGI and special effects plus it’s a laugh out loud movie. I’d love to hear what you think once you’ve seen it xx


  1. Hey! Hope you’re doing well.
    I’d like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Please check it out, if you’re interested! Thank you.:)



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