I don’t think I’ve ever really spoken about my actual real job on my blog much but I work for a leading car insurance company so I spend the majority of my day talking to people about car insurance… However I personally hate the idea of driving.
I decided recently to get myself a bike through our cycle to work scheme and I absolutely love it! It’s changing the way I live my life and opening up my options to travel further distances without paying for public transport. Below are 23 (totally valid) reasons you too should get a bicycle!

  1. Bikes are infinitely more environmentally friendly than cars!
  2. You will get fit toned legs and maybe even a thigh gap if you cycle lots & lots
  3. It will improve your general fitness and cardiovascular system
  4. Which means you’ll also sleep better
  5. You look hella cute riding a bicycle
  6. And you will have sexy windswept hair (most of the time)
  7. In the summer you can put pretty flowers and your pet cat in your basket and look even cuter
  8. In the winter your basket will become a great snowball storage unit
  9. You will save approximately £200,000 in your lifetime by not driving. See Money Supermarket’s figures.
  10. You do not need to tax or insure a bike
  11. And parking your bike is always free
  12. However if you want bike insurance it’s £25 a year, car insurance is much more
  13. You can sing Riding Dirty by Chamillionaire while you ride around and everybody will think you’re a balla
  14. Unless you count the cycling proficiency test you did in year 4 then riding a bike does not require any tests
  15. Which means not paying for any lessons
  16. You can travel through busy city centres much faster than a car
  17. You’re supposed to stop at traffic lights but nobody’s gonna give you a ticket if you go through one (just use the pavement)
  18. You can take shortcuts through parks and down rivers and across fields
  19. You can’t kill anybody with a bike (unless you try really hard to)
  20. You can’t kill yourself. Although someone in a car could kill you… ffs.
  21. Which means nobody will make a claim against you and cause your insurance to shoot up
  22. You can cycle slow enough to hatch eggs on Pokémon Go
  23. You can catch more Pokémon & hit more Pokestops than somebody on foot!

Are you considering taking up cycling? Or do you feel the same as I do about cars?

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      1. Me neither!! I kind of lost my enthusiasm for it once the hype died down and I realised how time consuming it was :( I’ve been level 14 for a good week or two x

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