I’m going to start this post with a confession: I can be complete psycho when I’m PMSing. I just can’t help it; I feel short tempered, too hot, in pain and like I’m going totally fucking crazy sometimes. We’ve all been there. Well the (according to my analytics) 70% of you who have vaginas almost certainly have and as for the rest of you; thank the odds that you don’t have to bleed in order to procreate.

But since I was (almost) 16, I have had the amped up hormonal cycle that comes with being on the combined pill. The contraceptive was given to me by my doctor as soon as I expressed an interest in becoming sexually active (note at this point I hadn’t actually lost my virginity.) I haven’t looked back since despite the issues it’s caused because it seems to be lesser of the evils.

I’m not down with having anything put into my arm or cervix for a number of years nor am I a fan of using condoms while with a long term partner. I’ve been kinda stuck with the hormones for the last 9 years and it sucks sucks sucks.


As if our periods aren’t already a stressful enough time for us, our hormones are raging causing things like mood swings, anxiety and aggression. I tend to suffer from mood swings which range between irritability and depression and I can be difficult to be around during this time. But with the combined pill, I experienced these symptoms more often than not.

The combined pill pumps extra hormones into your system which in turn mean that you’re pumped up with oestrogen and pro-oestrogen ready to pop into a frenzy of tears at any point.

I’ve suffered from mood swings ever since I started my period well over a decade ago and in all honesty the only way I can cope with these specific symptoms is by getting plenty of space from others.

And guess what, those symptoms are just the tip of the ice berg, the ones we’re able to share withargh

you because we have no choice. But there is also; sore breasts, painful cramps, headaches, lethargy, constipation or diarrhoea (yummm) and just wanting to cry your damn eyes out for hours on end.

The majority of physical symptoms can be dealt with by taking painkillers, resting and drinking lots of tea whilst cuddling your cat. But the hormones which leave you feeling irritable and on edge need handling with a little self care.


So you know what you need to do during that difficult time? Spend time alone and actually enjoy your excuse to be a shut in for a few days. Indulge in chocolate and sad movies and take a nap with your cat & hot water bottle.

Re-schedule your tasks for one weeks time and just spend some time pampering yourself and keeping yourself in the calmest possible mood.

Take things bit by bit and don’t let anybody  worsen your mood. Go for a drink with a positive friend, let them talk you up while you sip strawberry daiquiris and nibble on nachos. Instagram your food and girl if you want to Pin your blood stained bed sheet on your feminist Pinterest board.

smashBetter yet quit the pill and get yourself back in balance.

That’s certainly the direction I’m taking. I’m on a mission for a new contraceptive to replace the one that’s been making me miserable. I’ve been off the pill for just over a month now and I already feel much better 70% of the time.

My period this month has been bad for cramps and headaches but my mood has only really taken over on one day.

Perhaps you’ve found a contraception that you would you recommend? Or are you considering stopping your pill too? I always love reading your thoughts and comments so don’t forget to leave me one.

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    1. It’s something I haven’t been keen to do in the past but am certainly considering now the pill is out the window! I’d love to hear more about your experience with it x


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