Friday Five #28: Five Theories Behind the Marina Joyce Hysteria

The story of Marina Joyce was one that captured the hearts and attention of millions. I noticed her story on the indy last week and was instantly fascinated by the way people had reacted to such grey evidence; speculating that she’d joined a cult, been kidnapped or was using a drug such as Speed or Mcat.

For those of you who didn’t catch the story- Marina Joyce is a semi-famous Youtuber who makes videos about Kawaii fashion, beauty & lifestyle. For the most part she seemed like a totally average teenage girl.


skull 12Over the last few months Marina’s behaviour in her videos started to seem unusual. She looked wide eyed, fearful and sporadic and her fans began to worry. Two weeks ago she posted a video entitled Date Outfits ideas which showed her to have bruises round the back of her arms and some followers claimed to hear a whisper saying ‘Help Me’ 13 seconds in. She seemed even more detached from her usual self.

The video sparked a frenzy of messages and comments as well as the trending hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce. I found the case absolutely fascinating from a human interest perspective especially the hysteria & speculations surrounding the story.

Here are five of the most popular theories behind Marina’s strange behaviour…

This is easily the most popular theory behind what was going on with Marina however this theory has been almost entirely ruled out by police investigation which was initiated by Marina’s followers who reached out to them in panic and worry. There will always be hysteria as soon as the word ISIS is mentioned, throwing people into a fearful state and causing them to think irrationally about the evidence. ISIS are a terrorist group, they don’t give a damn about controlling Youtubers. Get with it ppl.

The evidence for this is already more solid than the above theory. Marina’s eyes constantly flicker around during filming, often looking glazed over with large pupils and look stretched wide open. As well as this, her mood seems more sporadic over time which is a symptom/effect of a stimulating drug like MCat, Speed or MDMA. For someone of her age and background it wouldn’t be unusual for her to be involved with that sort of thing.

Marina actually explained  that some of her changes in behaviour were due to her shifting belief systems. She told this Youtuber that she had “become a Christian but is now Buddhist” which kinda dismisses the question entirely since she obviously is just a bit of a lost teenager who isn’t sure of herself just yet. She is clearly someone who could very easily be influenced or convinced to follow a cult or leader and that’s why this theory is scarily legit.

Okay so this is the one I believe the most. I have seen Psychosis and I know it when I see it. Like many others I am convinced that Marina is simply suffering. She is suffering with a mental illness which is playing with her reality, which is causing her to see and hear things that aren’t really there and that would explain why she seems so fearful and unsure. Health care professionals seem to take this stance too and there’s no surprise- she shows evidence of psychosis through and through. This would explain why someone else is holiday the camera -not forcing her to film but rather helping their unwell family member continue to do what she loves. This could also be linked to theory 2 because the two go hand in hand.

If it was a mistake then it was a brilliant coincidence; one that left Miss Joyce with an additional ONE MILLION followers in just one week. She had previously had an audience of around 600,000! Maybe Marina and her family employed a publicist and pulled off one of the easiest and chance-reliant publicity stunts social media has seen.

SKULL2Since making international news Marina has reached out to tell fans that she is “[I’m] a really happy person. So I just want to let you know that I’m really happy, I’m in a really good state of mind, and I really love you – so yeah.”

Now in these final words I’m going to be a little more honest on my opinion of the situation. Marina Joyce can barely construct a sentence. Watch her new videos, watch her old videos- she repeats herself over and over again. She seems to me… Like a typically silly teenage girl. That sounds harsh I know but she has no substance or intelligence in her videos; she simply talks rubbish at the camera repeatedly and quickly. I don’t think she could have pulled off a publicity stunt like that, joined a cult or have been taken in by one of the largest and most horrifying terror organisations in the world.

What seems more plausible and realistic is that she took some drugs with her friends, got a little carried away, started using it regularly and as a result ended up with psychosis. And instead of all this mass media attention she needs to be left the hell alone to recover.

Were you captured by this phenomenon? What do you think really happened to Marina Joyce? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. I was vaguely aware of this and it just seems so ridiculous! I totally agree with you about her, however harsh that sounds. People seem to have some very active imaginations. Some people bruise easily… It may have been nothing. I think it is such a weird thing.

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