Along with the many other wonderful products given, our freebie bags from the #EastMidsMeetUp included this serum from Witch Skincare which I have been absolutely loving!

I recently went foundation free, only wearing concealer when really necessary and at the same time stopped wearing eyeliner, powder and other products too. My makeup routine now consists of highlighter, mascara and eyebrow gel- nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks to some great products like the ever-raved about Pixi Glow Tonic and Soap & Glory’s Fab Pore Face Wash, my skin is looking clearer than ever however I was on a hunt for a good mattifying moisturiser to complete my team of skincare wonders. And this little bad-boy stepped into the mix just in time!

I’d previously only tried their Blemish Stick (which comes in handy for those time of the month break outs) but wasn’t sure whether their products were cruelty-free or not so haven’t purchased any since I switched over. Thank god they are because this moisturiser has replaced the use of my regular primer.

Like all Witch products, their serum contains Witch Hazel and Tea Tree which work wonders on bad skin. The formula is oil-free so perfect for all skin types (mines combination) and is great for preventing and clearing spots. I really like the consistency as unlike some moisturisers, it doesn’t leave my skin slippery, sticky or oily but instead super mattified and ready to take on the day!

This would make a great base regardless of your makeup routine although I can’t comment on its ability to hold foundation as I’ve not foundation since starting use of this.

Although I received this item for free, I wouldn’t hesitate in a re-purchase as it retails at just £6.99 (currently on offer at £4.59)

I’d love to hear what you thought of this review or your thoughts on Witch Skincare (whether it’s good or bad!) especially if you also received a free serum with your #EastMidsMeetUp goodie bag. Please leave a comment below!
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