Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the negatives of life that we forget how fortunate we are to have our freedom, our health and our loved ones. I’ve been going through a really tough and complex situation so thank Beyonce that I have my family, my friends and even my boss to remind me how much I really have.

Also I apologise for the number of swears in this post but I am just so fucking lucky.

It was only really recently when it dawned on me how lucky I had been my whole life. Not so much lucky but fortunate. Luck is down to chance and the fortune I had was mostly down to my wonderful father and the brilliant upbringing that my parents both worked so hard to give me and my brothers.

Like school wasn’t the best thing in the world but being a kid was great. You got home at like 4 O’clock in the afternoon, watched cartoons all evening and saw your mates mostly for birthday parties with bouncy castles and cake. And pink wafers, all the pink wafers.

I was so lucky to go to a high school that was both good and tolerant. When I say tolerant, I mean tolerant of me. I mean that I was an evil little shit bag of a teenager and didn’t deserve the tolerance I got from either my school or parents.

I don’t think they even know half the shit I did even now.

I am so fortunate to be born in a country that isn’t torn by war, ridden with disease or famish. Or guns. Or Trump. Fuck Trump. I was born in a country which, however much a moan about it, sometimes lets the little guy win.

Like it almost doesn’t matter any more how shit an upbringing you had; if you work hard enough and want something enough and are realistic and methodical in your ways then you can do anything you want. Fuck tha police.

I live somewhere where health care is a considered a basic human right and not one that only money can buy. Hell I got like a decade of dental treatment thanks to the NHS (…for fucking up a fair few times.)

I have parents who despite my a-hole behavior continued to support me and let me fall back on them throughout my education at university. Parents who taught me good work ethics and sent me off to work at 16. Parents who constantly moaned if I wasn’t working during term time.

I am so lucky to have a mum who not only calls herself a feminist but who passed these ideologies onto me without even realising it. One who is actually pretty bad ass and cool now I’m older and that I regret not being best friends with when I was younger.

Now that I’m nearing the quarter century mark, I’ve made a right nice little life for myself. I am finally in a career where I have progressed and I’m looking to start my masters degree (hopefully!) next year. I have the most wonderful little family of friends and actual family too.

My close friends are so supportive and caring and I just don’t know where I’d be without them. Probs dead lol.

I might be going through some totally wank stuff but idk I just cried so much when I realised how much all my friends and family care about me and want to help me through the though time I’m going through. They’ve hugely distracted me from the situation I’m in and have made me feel so loved and respected.

AND that’s enough of the soppies. Ima just go cry into my crispy M&Ms. Bleugh.

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