I thought I’d kick this post off with some photos of me as a student because… Naww good times but also lol cos these are the good(ish) ones, I was actually an absolute mess throughout my time in uni.

So I have some awesome news, I’m going back to university next year! Since Graduating I’ve been working in relatively well paid non-graduate roles however now they’ve introduced the post-grad loan, I’ll be able to get the finance needed to further my education.

I’m yet to decide whether I’m going to study full time and work part time or work full time and study part time. Either way, shits getting done, degrees gone be awarded.

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So if you’re about to go to uni, going back for another year or suffering from the graduate blues; here are some fun things you’ll totally miss when you’re old and grey like ripe old almost 25 year old me.

  1. Waking up at 8am for your lecture, deciding you’re too tired and going straight back to sleep because there ain’t no consequences.
  2. Waking up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, realising you’ve missed a lecture, shrugging it off and going back to sleep until 4.30.
  3. Eating cereal/toast/party rings for dinner
  4. Eating ice cream for breakfast
  5. Literally never doing any housework and everybody just blaming each other for the mess
  6. Not paying Council tax
  7. Using student life as an excuse for having no money despite having most of your rent paid for by your loan and having parental support and a part time job but also having an addiction to rose wine and Domino’s pizza.
  8. Getting to write an essay on something you’re actually really interested in .
  9. Spending most of spring and autumn hanging out in the park with ciders and ice cream and your gang of drunk intellectual friends.
  10. Five month long summer holidays where you could basically just work if and when you want and go on lots of trips to your uni friends home towns.
  11. Having mental nights out 5 nights a week and basically living your entire existence with a hangover.
  12. Always having gossip about who slept with who and who did what when the were drunk.
  13. Freshers weeks being a bit like a holiday in shagaluf where you need a roster of seven fancy dress outfits and different drinks for each night to ensure you get a different level of drunk each time.
  14. Having the ‘back to uni’ excuse for spending £80 in Paperchase on pretty notebooks and sticky notes and highlighters with cat faces.
  15. Going to a 12 hour week of lectures and moaning about what a full week you had.
  16. Falling asleep at the back of the lecture hall because you’re an adult with control over your own destiny.
  17. Sleeping at weird times and binge watching SATC with your flatmates while eating rice pudding out the can.
  18. Student discount. Like now I can actually afford the stuff I want can I not have some graduate discount?
  19. Phoning the bank of dad and begging for £20 for ‘Tampons’ when you actually want £3 for Tampons and £17 to go to the SU tiki party.

Irrelevant fact: 19 was a relevant number cos that’s what age I was when I started uni, then I realised I was 20 not 19 and didn’t change it because I don’t play by nobodies rules. #LAD


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  1. I love this post, I’m starting uni this year and now I’m even more excited haha. I can already to some of these, especially to spending loads of money on pretty notebooks from Paperchase, very accurate. And I’m excited for all the students discounts. xx


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