I am totally 100% in love with this novel. It’s one of those where it’s so short and sweet that you purposefully read it slowly, bit by bit to try and savour the magic.

Matt Haig is well known for his book about depression Reasons to Stay Alive which had me in tears when I read it earlier this year. But prior to the release of this, I’d heard great things about his fiction book The Humans and those great things were totally true.

“So love is about finding the right person to hurt you?”
“Pretty much.”
― Matt Haig, The Humans

The Humans follows a being from somewhere far away that is sent to earth to destroy the evidence of a mathematical discovery. The being takes on the role of professor Andrew Martin, the mathematician who had just noticed a pattern in the difference between prime numbers. The discovery meant human life would change as we know it.

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In disguise as Andrew Martin the being narrates us through an alien perspective on the human world. A perspective which I’m sure many of us can relate to in a sense because we all spend time looking at human life and wondering how the hell we ended up like this. After all we are only animals.

“Avice for a human. Dark matter is needed to hold galaxies together. Your mind is a Galaxy. More dark than light. But the light makes it worthwhile.”
Matt Haig, The Humans

The alien learns about human life, emotions and motives and finds himself falling for the humans. He finds himself becoming one of them, emotionally driven and empathetic. What’s truly beautiful about this book is how Haig has reflected on life. Not so much the character development or descriptive writing but instead the way he has written from an alien perspective so realistically.

Have you read any of Matt Haig’s novels? What do you think of his work? I’m a huge fan!

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