I was going to write a ‘five year plan’ post and I started by bullet pointing a few set goals, things like PUBLISH A FULL LENGTH BOOK, GET A DOG AND GET A MASTERS DEGREE but as I thought more and more about it, I realised that those are goals I will reach regardless, things I’ll no doubt do anyway and let’s not be silly, I’m not gonna detail the exact plans for the next five years of my life because I have no idea what lies ahead.

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But I am turning 25 next week and I should really be thinking where I want to be when I hit the next big milestone; the big three oh.

If I asked 20 year old me where she expected 25 year old me to be, it probably wouldn’t be here. I would have said I’d like to be married and settled and in a creative job and have a dog and have hair down to my kneecaps. LOL.

I wouldn’t say “yes please I’d love to work in a call centre and live with my ex boyfriend and never see my family.”

My one and only goal for five years time is to be happy. If my happy is living in a huge house with 3 dogs and a baby on the way then so be it. If my happy is travelling the world with my friends and living out of a suitcase then so be it. If my happy is running my own company and being a bad ass business woman then so be it. If it’s being a stay at home mum and poet then so be it.

I don’t mind if all my plans fall through as long as I am with someone, doing something and living somewhere that feels like home.

I talked briefly in this recent post about how we are responsible for our own destiny. How in some way, you can do anything you want if you try your absolute hardest. I really feel that we are in control of our own destiny and we can’t blame the events of our lives for how we perceive and react to them.

I hope that by 30, I am in full control of my world. I don’t mean controlling what happens but being conscious of how I react to life.

I was recently having a conversation with a special somebody while watching the movie Absolutely Anything on Netflix. The film is basically Simon Pegg wasting the ability to make absolutely anything he wants happen and then getting into a predicament he could easily get out of with his awesome super power.

I theorised that if I could do anything with the wave of a hand then I would first make a list of things that needed doing (ie. cure all suffering, poverty, hunger and misery) and once it was done the world would be ruined because we’d have nothing to compare happiness to.

If we all had everything we wanted then life would be sickly sweet like Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake. We need the long days at work and the bad mental health days to remind us to appreciate what we would otherwise take for granted. We need pain and suffering in order to experience laughter and love.

It’s the things we do that define who we are and it’s the way we move on from the negatives or embrace the positives that shapes the world we live in. All I want is to shape mine into one I can be proud of.


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