Hey guys, bet you didn’t know I was such a nerd!

I’ve only been collecting pops for the best part of this year but I’ve got a nice little shelving unit of them now and I thought it’d be worth sharing with you guys.

There are two main themes to the pops I’ve collected; leading female characters and Star Wars. It all started off with Princess Leia and went from there!


Harley Quinn is my newest and easily most favourite vinyl. She’s so detailed and cute as a pop character and was a gift for my birthday from someone very special.


BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS. Had to get Tina Belcher from Bobs Burgers because a. she reminds me of my friend January in Portland and b. she’s an absolutely hilarious character with a similar traits to Johanna from How to Build a Girl (Book: Caitlin Moran) & Rae from My Mad Fat Diary (TV: Channel 4.) She looks great as a pop too!

14393949_10210379646624566_1779765387_oI only saw The Fifth Element earlier this year for the first time and I loved it. Leloo is such an awesome character and her outfit translate great onto a pop vinyl.



I love Adventure Time and these two are my favourites. I was trying to get hold of Lumpy Space Princess for ages (she was never in stock in our Forbidden Planet!) and I finally got her for my birthday.


Wolverine came with a MyGeekBox the one time I ordered it (and I won’t be again because the value for money is pretty pants vs other boxes like LootCrate) but I’m not hugely into XMen but I’ve kept him with the rest of the guys until I find him a loving home.


General Leia Organa was my first pop and Rey followed shortly afterwards. They both fit in with my strong female theme and because they’re from the Star Wars series, they’re bobble heads too.

Sadly Rae & C3PO have slightly dodgy heads because they arrived slightly damaged (GUTTED!)

I of course had to get C3PO from The Force Awakens as I did with the rest of the characters so they’re all from one movie. I’m gutted the limited edition metallic version was out of stock when I ordered!




BB8 & Chewy were also recent gifts and like all the Star Wars characters they’re iconic so look great as detailed bobble heads.

This Storm Trooper is the only character from The Dark Side that I have, I’ve so far kept to the Rebels but I’m probs gonna pick up a Kylo Ren and Boba Fett soon too.


I’m lusting over the new Ghostbusters pops at the moment as well and am trying so hard to resist spending all my money on the Ecto1 figure set. It’s difficult not to splurge on tons of these cuties when they’re all so cute!


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