Non bloggers will always be intrigued when you tell them you write a blog. “What exactly is a blog?” some will ask and we never really know how to explain.

A couple of friends have mine have recently decided to take up blogging as a hobby and this post is to guide them and anyone who wants to start a blog on exactly what they’ll be committing to and what to do once they’ve started!

1. Blogging takes time, effort and consistency. Don’t expect to become a full time blogger over night, you’ll have to input hours and hours before you reach a follow count worth quitting your job for!

2. Blogging is like having a part time job on top of what you already do for a living. There’s tons of admin, photography, editing and proof reading to be done so be prepared to commit.

3. There is no point writing anything until you’ve made social media accounts to promote your posts. Twitter is by far the best platforms for sharing your posts with bloggers & non bloggers alike.

4. You don’t need tons of equipment for your blog but a decent phone camera, some free editing software like Photoshop Express or Picmonkey and some social media enhancement apps will help.

5. Consistency is key. Post content regularly, keep your links and profile up to date and more importantly; don’t keep starting over. Pick a name, logo and theme and STICK WITH IT.

6. Sometimes you will feel like you’re getting nowhere and you’ve hit a slump when it comes to creating new content.

7. Blogging can even feel like a chore at times to it’s okay to take little breaks as long as you announce them instead of dropping of the face of the earth and pissing your followers/friends off.

8. There is a blogging community no matter where you are in the world. I feel like I missed out on a huge part of blogging by being a lonesome blogger for a couple of years. When I realised there were tons of like minded locals writing their own blogs too, things became a lot easier.

9. You can’t be liked by everyone and expect to have some haters or even nasty comments. If everyone seems to like you you’re probably doing something wrong.

10. WordPress is easier to use than it looks. Give it time. Same goes for Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram and Photoshop.

11. You will never stop learning how to blog. There’s always a new challenge and when you think you’ve mastered it, think again.

12. You will make real life friends through blogging if you look in the right places.

13. Your blog will become an excuse for so many things such as impulse purchases of pretty plants & homewares because they’ll make good blog photo props.

14. Blogs you read will also make you want to buy tons of stuff you otherwise wouldn’t have cared about such as planners, cute stationary, homeware and limited edition makeup palettes.

15. Your blog will always be a great talking point in job interviews, boost your CV and teach you valuable skills. In order to run a successful blog you need to be creative, innovative and organised; learn these while you can.

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