All hail Hillary Clinton who for the first time in history has seen some sense in regards to the second amendment! Like what the hell is wrong with America? Guns do not constitute a human right, they simply contribute to crime and violence.

In order to understand the US’s love affair with guns, we first need to understand their constitution; a document set out by some old timey guys which set the basic founding laws of their ‘great’ country. The constitution states The right to bear arms as the second amendment.

Americans are hella attached to these laws, claiming them as basic human rights and whenever they are threatened with the loss of one of these rights, they protest profusely. Look how many people on Twitter are furious at the idea of Clinton ridding the US of their murder weapons!


Unless you’ve been avoiding the media for your entire life, you’ll be very aware of all the mass shootings, murders committed by children and violent crimes cause by guns. Gun laws allow kids to get hold of firearms, shooting their peers, parents & teachers with little idea of the consequences.

Americans like to defend their gun rights with the prospect that guns keep them safe. Weapons do not keep people safe, they allow people to murder somebody who otherwise they would not have murdered.

You think if these kids hadn’t had access to guns then they would have walked into their school and stabbed everyone instead? Not to mention the fact that they would have been stopped almost instantly with a knife massacre; they wouldn’t have actually had the guts to commit the murders in the first place.

Guns take away the sense of responsibility. All you need to do is take the little machine in your hand and pull the trigger, something much easier than watching the light leave somebody’s eyes as they bleed out. Access to a gun could make someone who otherwise would not be, a murderer. In other words; guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


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  1. That last paragraph absolutely nailed it Becca! Guns distance the attacjrr from their victim and also seem to have become roped up with certain celeb life styles and fashions.

    It’s all insanely scary and I, like you, am glad to see it being addressed by Hillary.

    Hannah xx

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