This stunning planter is from Tesco for only £14!

I say this almost every time I write a catch-up post but MY GOD HAS THIS BEEN A CRAZY MONTH. Seriously though, September threw a whole load of BS at me and I handled it like an absolute boss thanks to the love and support of those who matter.

I won’t get into details but JESUS CHRIST it’s been stressful and anxiety ridden and at times miserable but it’s simultaneously been one of the best months of my life.

These flowers are from someone I met at the end of August and have been dating since; Ash. I’ve never met anybody quite so sweet & romantic and he’s made this month incredible for me. I think we’re on to a keeper here…
Post work catch up with Katie @ Bru, Granby Street
Sunday morning maccie’s breakfast in bed with new bae.
Salmon sushi & pumpkin croque from Yo!

This month was full of dates. Cinema dates, dinner dates and breakfast dates, dates for the day and dates for 20 minutes. I met someone really awesome and sweet and I’ve caught the love bug.

We can’t stop eating Pumpkin Croque either, here’s some from Yo but we’ve also been having Kuru Kuru & Kokoro.

Me, my mum & my brother James at Cassiobury Park in Watford after the game. Brthday red velvet cupcakes too!

I celebrated turning 25 this month and my birthday week was just non-stop fun! I kicked the week off with a night out after work and then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out my arse.

Low point was being sick in the loos at MK station but serves me right for drinking a bottle of wine, 3 cocktails and some Prosecco in the space of 90 minutes.

That weekend I met with my parents & brother in Milton Keynes where we went out for a meal and then spent the evening at the cinema. We were planning an indoor skydive at the Xscape but I was feeling far too fragile after all that wine!

My brother, uncle, myself & my dad before the game.

The following day I ticked off an event from my 101 Goals list- to go to a Watford match with my dad. Here I am pre-game sporting a very sexy yellow Watford shirt. We beat Man U 3-1 so the atmosphere was incredible!

Zebra’s play fighting @ West Midlands Safari
Snapchat @beccaloose – 21/09/2016
selfie shot

My birthday was easily the best of my life and I spent it at West Midlands Safari Park with Ash. Here we are above being all cute and smiley! The weather wasn’t great but it was an amazing day; so much laughter and I was truly spoilt throughout.

(Sam) Willmer, Me & (Jack) Randall

Two of my uni besties (Wilms & Rands) came to visit during my birthday week too and we had a great night out, lots of wine and lots of tasty food too- it was so good to catch up with them!

This week Ash took me to Peter’s Pizzeria and I am now OBSESSED (review coming next week!)

Chilli & Salami Pizza @ Peter’s Pizzeria

2016 has been such a roller coaster for me and September started off with my lowest point and finished with the peak. Things are so much on the up after a rocky few weeks. I’ve got my friend Brian living back in my house and he’s been so wonderful since he moved in. He’s already painted & redecorated the guest bedroom and it’s almost looking Pinterest worthy!

Here’s a preview of some of the décor at Peter’s Pizzeria

To top of all of I just got offered a promotion at work too! I work in a contact centre and by the end of the year I’ll be full time coaching all our new staff when they first leave their classroom training and go into ‘academy’ where they spend 6 weeks learning live on the floor. I’ll be giving them 1-2-1 coaching sessions and helping them through their first calls.

I’m really looking forward to a cosy autumn cuddled up with bae and blankets and candles and hot chocolates. The rest of 2016 is going to be awesome!

simple signature 2016




  1. Congrats on your new partner! The Lillies look amazing, I love the smell of them aswell. Glad you had a good month and kept positive throughout the bad moments! Stay happy – Robyn Sparkles x

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