It’s been a very long time since I reviewed a restaurant but Peter’s Pizzeria in Leicester had to be documented as (easily) the best pizza place in the city.

Located on the corner of Welford Road & Belvoir street, this quirky pizzeria as you can see from the photos, is jam packed with incredible décor and vintage pieces from all over. Ash decided to take me out there for dinner to celebrate a month since our first date and I was totally gutted he’d not taken me there originally!

We didn’t bring a DSLR and instead took photos using my Sony Xperia but I’m so annoyed we forgot it because we could have got some amazing shots… great excuse for the second trip we took on the Sunday of the same week.

Now you’ve seen the hallway & entrance to the restaurant it’s time to get down to the pizza. Pizza is my absolute favourite food and I’ve even gone to the extent of having a slice tattooed on my calf!

I love a good sourdough pizza and this was so reminiscent of the infamous Franco Manca (a chain in London dedicated to simple sourdough pizzas with simple price tags.) Peter’s didn’t disappoint with pizza’s ranging from £6-12 and a great selection of toppings available.

I of course went for something with a bit of a kick and had this chilli and salami topped badboy. No regrets.

All the pizzas are stonebaked in a woodfire oven and have an authentic, handmade look about them. I love the décor throughout the main dining room too; it’s wall to wall papered with retro movie posters. They also project films onto the wall to watch while you’re eating just in case you get bored of your company!

Previously a bar, the two story building functions as a space for parties and cooking lessons as well as a restaurant. Upstairs there are 3 huge function rooms for extra dining space and booking out.

As you can see from the hallway décor, it remains quirky and retro throughout.

Probably the creepiest photo we took, a Barbie doll riding a light wrecking ball style!

This upstairs dining room is by far my favourite! I love the decayed look, the hanging violins, lightbulbs and wall of old Coke bottles. The hanging lights made for the best photos of the whole place!

Ash capturing some hip photos on his new Sony Xperia

There’s also this awesome retro games room! This room doesn’t have any dining space at all but boasts a huge painting of Marvel characters, table tennis tables and the entrance to the rather strange toilets which you’ll see below too.

wp-image-209322407jpg.jpg wp-image-1678633032jpg.jpg

As you can see, even the toilets are quirky; the cubicles made from old sheds and decorated with vintage signage.

We also took a few minutes to check out the secondary dining room located on the ground floor. Complete with a trolley of books this space functions more as a lunch time diner and the seating is more focused on comfort. There are sofas and board games throughout so we made the most of it and had a quick game of connect four.

The great thing about Peter’s is that as well as being a pizzeria, it’s somewhere you can go to hang out with a group of friends, play games or even host a pizza party. There’s several rooms upstairs for dining, gaming or even taking a lesson in pizza making.

I really want to take one of their classes so any Leicester bloggers reading this drop me a comment if you’d like to do that!

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