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The nights are drawing and we’re all getting our cosy on! Stocking up on candles and pumpkin spiced lattes and getting all excited about the holidays are all things we do to comfort ourselves during the months that would otherwise be cold and dark.

I’ve always been really affected by SAD so the arrival of Autumn and Winter tends to get me a little down. It’s the anticipation of those icy mornings without daylight and leaving work in the dark that gets me all anxious and bleugh.

If you suffer with this too then the Danish concept of Hygge (Hu-gah) can help comfort you and it’s something that seems to be spreading worldwide this winter.



Hygge to me is a feeling. Hygge is candle light, the scent of anything cinnamon or spiced, reds & greens and feeling cosy with people I love. Hygge is feeling sheltered from the cold outside and feeling happy with where you are at this very moment. Hygge is slow and warm.

It’s something that’s difficult to describe but I can tell you now I’ve not been able to achieve Hygge in my own home until I read this book. I’ve experienced Hygge at my parents’ home at Christmas time for many years but I’ve never really been able to put my finger on it. According to The Little Book of Hygge, these are the things create Hygge…



Candles and lighting are a huge part of creating a Hygge environment. I love lighting candles in clusters and creating 3 or 4 areas of light within a room. Lamps are great too but a few of my bulbs have blown recently so I’m using it as an excuse for living in beautiful, romantic candle light.

I personally find plants to be an important part of atmosphere as green brings life to a dull room and makes everything feel that little bit homely. I’ve now got two of these lovely planters which match this room perfectly.



I tend to put my phone on silent rather than off if I’m trying to create a relaxed and Hygge atmosphere but I want to try a wifi-free evening with company soon as it’s really important to switch off sometimes.

What’s important is to be present in the room with your company and stop the gross cultural phone staring. I’ve been sat in a room many a time and looked around the see every single person looking down at their screen and it makes me super sad; enjoy each other god damn it!




I love the idea of treats being part of Hygge! Mini chocolates remind me of Christmas & Halloween back home but these days I can (usually) ration myself to one or two at a time.


I think the type of people I keep in my company are already very much on board with this. Hygge all round!


Mindfulness and slow living coincide very nicely with Hygge. It’s about living in the moment and appreciating the feel of your blanket, the warmth of your loves hands or the beauty of a roaring fire.





All three of these really reflect the hominess of Hygge, the idea that we are enjoying our company like they are our family. It is about respecting everybody in the room, allowing them to speak or express themselves. It’s about being there for one another, putting differences aside and being comfortable.




In company, sharing out the tasks of feeding everybody, making drinks, creating atmosphere and cleaning up makes everybody feel unified. Nobody has the burden of the clear up and everyone has time to sit down and relax.


Sometimes you can feel, be or experience Hygge alone. You feel safe from the outside world, well slept for the first time in days and you’ve just put your feel up with a cup of Chai. Life is sweet.



Take it from one of the happiest nations on Earth and the lead researcher of the Happiness Institute in Copenhagen; Hygge is important to balance out all the cold and the dark that Winter brings. Hygge makes us happier, closer and more appreciative.




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