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EWWW PERIODS I hear you cry. Well shut up before I slap you round the face with a tampon dipped in red wine.

Soz but whether you like it or not, menstruation is no more disgusting than saliva, regular blood or earwax. It’s natural, healthy and part of the miracle of life. I’m not saying rub it all over your face but it’s nothing to run a mile for.

If you’re a bloke reading this then prepare to find out some fun facts that might actually make you a more understanding and compassionate partner. If you’re a lady reading this then maybe this will give you some facts to quick fire off at your boyf when he asks if it’s Shark Week.

1.You get fed up of washing blood stains of pants and skirts and bed sheets because even after 13 years of periods you still come on by surprise.

2. 50% of the underwear you buy will end up in the ‘period and emergency pile.’

3. Tampons are still considered a luxury and are subject to tax… because obviously it’s a luxury to not bleed all over ones self . I’ll also point out that the following items are not taxed; edible flowers, alcoholic jellies and imported crocodile meat.

4. The average woman buys and uses 11,000 tampons in her lifetime!

5. You can still have perfectly normal and comfortable sex on your period (which isn’t for everyone and that’s fine) but you can still get pregnant during this time.

6. We only lose an egg cup of blood during our period.

7. However the strain on our bodies can make us feel completely exhausted and some ladies pass out from pain or exhaustion during their time of the month.

8. There are other sanitary products other than towels & tampons however mainstream media tends to never discuss them despite the fact that they’re almost all better for the environment and our bodies.

9. Contraceptive pills often make periods lighter, shorter and less painful for some women however recent research shows that the combined pill can lead to depression, I certainly agree as it messed with me for almost a decade.

10. We start our periods anywhere between 9 & 16 years old with the average being 12-13 but it will continue to be the bane of our lives until we hit menopause in our 50s or 60s.

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  1. Great post! I get so frustrated with the awkwardness of talking about periods with some people! Like you say, it is completely natural and it happens to every woman! Definitely right about it being the bane of our lives :)


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