This week’s Friday Five post was supposed to be about Charity Shop finds but I have been so damn busy with work that I just didn’t have time for the photographs.

Since I’m waiting around at work (for some idiot to do their job properly) I thought I’d share with you instead five of my favourite UK bloggers!

Thrifty Vintage Fashion

Nicole is one of my all time favourite bloggers, her content is so polished and professional but she’s only 17 and still a college student. I love that she writes so clearly and openly about issues that are really important to young people such as Mental Health issues and flaws in our educational system. She is one of the few who’s blog is truly organic and she tends to write as a hobby not as a way of making money.

The Bell Jar Blog

Emily and I have followed each other since the days of Tumblr and even though she’s not been the world’s most consistent blogger, she’s being doing it and while and really knows how to produce some amazing content. Her blog has definitely picked up the pace recently and she’s been writing some crazy good content. She’s also well worth a follow on Instagram and Twitter as she’s always sharing and talking about feminist issues as well as cruelty free beauty.

Cattitude & Co

I discovered Tara’s blog Cattitude & Co a couple of months ago now and have totally fallen in love with her rants, rawness and honesty. Tara writes about period positivity, sex and gender issues and I love the way she openly talks about issues that a lot of bloggers, including myself are a little dubious about sharing. Her blog grown massively over the past twelve months and she really deserves the success given how incredible her writing and attitude is. Big love girrrrrl!

Carpe Diem Emmie

Emmie is a local blogger I recently connected with via the East Midlands Bloggers meet (in which she was a huge part of organising) and I love having a local blog to catch up with, read reviews on and just all round inspire me. She’s clearly been blogging a long time and knows exactly what she’s doing, her professionalism extends to her photography, writing and also attitude. It’s also worth mentioning that she’s a badass hardworking woman who really motivates and uplifts other women!

Discovering Charlotte

Charlotte is another Midlands based blogger who I met via our local events. She’s runs two different blogs but this one is by far my favourite (her other one is On Discovering Charlotte she talks about pressing issues like Mental Health, chronic illness, charity events and even smear tests. She is so frank and honest and in person even more so, I can’t wait to see her this weekend for a clothes swap and Leicester fashion week; gotta love this girl!


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