MCM Comic-Con London 

all photos by Rebecca Claire, // all rights reserved

The literal definition of Comic-Con is a Comic Convention however MCM London are proud to be so much more than that. The self proclaimed pop culture convention is 3 day long event held at the ExCel Arena in the Royal Victoria Docks, London. We hit the event up on Industry passes and on the busiest day of the weekend…

As you can see from the above photo it was super busy in the arena although I have to say the venue was enormous so I can’t even imagine how many people were there!

The building comprises of a huge corridor (kind of like a shopping centre)  with entrances on both sides labelled either North or South and numbered so you can find people when you inevitably get lost.

There were two main arenas, one side more based around the merch, shopping and food side of things and the other hosting mini events like Karaoke, signings and demonstrations. Either side you went into there were far too many opportunities to spend money.

There were so many incredible costumes throughout the day but this T-Rex totally tickled me especially when we saw him and his identical mate wadling along to the exit in the afternoon.  You’ll see a great Pikachu in a minute as well as a Pokemon Go egg who I was disappointed didn’t hatch into a Pidgey later in the day- that’s a costume I’d really like to see!

I was a little disappointed in us for not dressing up in the end (our original idea was to dress as Bowser & Peach and we saw nobody in those costumes!) There must have been hundreds of Harley Quinns, handfuls of Jokers and too many Spider Men and Deadpools to count.

The highlight of my day was by far the performance by artist Akala who is known for his rap and poetry. I used to listen his music back when I was about fourteen and eleven years later he’s still in the game and better than ever. He’s moved onto a new art form and has now written two Graphic Novels; The Ruins of Empires and Visions.

Akala performed some of the lyrics from Visions for the very first time at Comic-Con which came accompanied by the artwork up on the screen above him.  I picked up both novels after the show and I’m really excited to get tucked into them.

There were tons of exciting things to look at on our way round and we could have easily spent a good couple of grand there if we had it!

There were lots of food stalls which all smelt incredible but didn’t have any seating so we opted for food further away from the hustle and bustle which wasn’t as good. If we go back next year we’ll head down on the Friday so it’s easier to do everything we want in a day.

If you’re into kawaii, anime, gaming, comics, supernatural movies or even just artwork, there is something for you at Comic-Con. Look at all the exciting stalls below, I wanted to buy everything!

Here’s those other costumes I promised…

I had to get this little guy cos it’s so cute and tiny and once again my obsession with miniatures cannot be controlled…

And then came the Stormtroopers! There was a whole area of them and Ash took the most awkward photo of me standing with one so that’s one for our scrapbook rather than your eyes!

I also popped into the Funko shop looking for rare pop vinyls but came across this droid teapot which we bought and appropriately named R2Tea2.

This beautiful print stood out to me when looking for Akala’s stand after his performance. I HAD to get it for my lounge as the colours go so well with my wall hanging. We’re going to grab a black from for it and hang it when we’re back from Budapest!

Overall it was a great day out and having Industry passes made things easier but if we go again next yesr we’ll definitely take the Friday off work and dress up a little!


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