Photo Journal: Diwali in Leicester 

all photos by Rebecca Claire, // all rights reserved

 Work has become more exhausting and I am really enjoying my new role but I’ve also been playing hard too and having tons of adventures with Ash. While this post goes live we are on our latest adventure in Budapest!

So since I’ve got really into photography lately and been too busy to blog much I figured some photo feature posts would be good to replace some of the content I no longer have time to produce.

Here are the photos of Diwali in Leicester featuring the Golden Mile firework display and dinner at Indigo’s in Belgrave. It was such a Hygge evening with people I love, fireworks, beautiful lights and an incredible dinner. Indigos does a mixture of Asian foods, all vegetarian and all delightful. We ordered so much that we had the leftovers for dinner the next day!

The start of the Golden Mile
Firework display on Belgrave road
One of my favourite shots!
Belgrave road
Kinda wanted a light sabre but maybe too old
This one is Ash’s favourite photo of the evening
Sabras Radio Station all decorated for Diwali
Approaching the Golden Mile from Belgrave circle
Schezwan rice, this was sooooooo good!
Chilli paneer
Crispy Bhajia
Paneer Pakora
Chilli and cheese Dhosa

Mithai (Indian sweets)
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