25 Things to Teach My Future Daughter

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Can I just start off by saying HOW AWESOME DOES MY TINY LUCKY CAT FROM COMIC CON LOOK IN MY PLANTER?!? I put down some little stones and made him a path and just… I can’t.

So it’s coming to that time in my life where I am actually starting to think things like ‘damn, kids are cute’ and ‘Ash and I would have super cute caramel skinned babies.’ NO we’re definitely not planning that stuff quite so soon but I used to be 99.9% against the idea and now I’m kinda coming round to it.

Anywayyyyy I remember writing in my post Reasons I Call Myself a Feminist that I would rather have a son than a daughter and it got me thinking (since we don’t actually get a choice) about what wonderful wisdom I would pass on to this theoretical mini me…

      1. Life is unfair, so unfair that it will sometimes make you feel like you want to stamp and cry or kill someone or just give up on it all
      2. Face your problems head on, running away might distance you but will either make you look a twat or make you feel worse… or both
      3. Always give people the benefit of the doubt
      4. Never put yourself in a position where more than one person owes you money
      5. Never apologise for being yourself, be 100% unapologetically you
      6. Men take longer to grow up, if you’re into dudes then I encourage you to pick suitors a couple of years older or at least ones who learn how to adult quickly
      7. Never date a someone who refuses to identify as a feminist
      8. When it comes to confidence, fake it ’til you make it
      9. You will never be truly happy if you dwell on the past
      10. You will never be truly happy if you worry about the future
      11. Give second chances but never thirds, fourths or fifths
      12. You can’t prevent bad things from happening but you can always prepare yourself for the worst
      13. If you make an observation you have an obligation
      14. Take responsibility for your own actions, don’t blame your behaviour on how other people treat you
      15. Don’t act or form opinions based on assumptions
      16. Don’t buy shoes on the Internet
      17. What Sally says about Sarah says more about Sally than it does about Sarah
      18. The human condition is a very strange thing and people will always do things you could never possibly have guessed they would
      19. Bras suck
      20. Everything looks better in black
      21. Let your mistakes and hardships and pain both harden and soften you
      22. Try real hard to stay in contact with the people that really matter to you
      23. Always show the real you on a first date
      24. It’s okay to ask for help
      25. Make friends who make you feel good about yourself, not ones who put you down

I always love to hear your opinions so please leave a comment! What would you teach your future daughter? What about your son?  Do you think they would differ much?

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  1. I love this post so much. I would teach her that self belief is the mos important thing in the world and she is capable of anything, that does not mean she has to do anything to please anybody however. And love should be reciprocated.

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