Budapest Travel Journal #1

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (NIKON D3300) and any featuring Rebecca belong to Ash Sudra (GOOGLE PIXEL XL) // all rights reserved

H O N E Y,  I M  H O M E!

If you follow me across other platforms you’ll be sure to know about my recent trip to Budapest, Hungary.

After just a few weeks of dates and magic and falling in love, Ash and I decided to take a city break in Europe so we could finally enjoy some time together away from the stresses of work and home. We both booked a week off work and picked a city each. We planned to flip a coin as the deciding factor but before we even got a coin out, we realised we’d both picked the same city!

A R R I V I N G  I N  B U D A P E S T  &  T H E  C I T A D E L L A

We flew with Ryan Air and bought the holiday as a package on Expedia for around £250pp for four nights and five days with breakfast included at the hotel. In Hungary the currency is Hungarian Forint which coverts at approximately 300 to the pound (and there is no lower denomination like we have with penny and the cent) so prices can get a little confusing. They do take Euros in some places too but they prices tend to be a little bumped up.

We booked four nights at The Atrium Fashion Hotel on the Pest side of the river situated in the bustling Jewish quarter, home to many of the cities famous bars and landmarks. The hotel was pleasant and modern and provided a wonderful continental breakfast every morning from 7am-10.30 (I didn’t take any photos of the hotel itself as it was pretty bland from the outside.)

One tip I wish we’d taken on board was to book taxis via the hotel instead of hailing one down. We were charged double the rate we should have been from the airport to the hotel! As a tourist, it’s extremely easy to get ripped off in Budapest and so don’t be afraid to turn things down if they seem too expensive.

Budapest is not only the capital city of Hungary but is also home to almost one fifth of its population. Divided by the Danube River, the former cities of Buda and Pest are now one however boast two very different sides of culture and architecture that blend well into the beautiful city of Budapest.

Much of Budapest was destroyed by heavy attacks during World War Two but many of the stunning old buildings have been carefully restored to their former glory.

When visiting any new city, I find the best way to do so is via an open top tour bus! Tour buses tend to give you a good overview of the city you’re visiting, allowing you to find your way round and work out all the different places you want to visit. We bought 48 hour tickets for the Big Bus tour which was ‎€50 (£46) online.

On our first night we were too tired from travelling to do anything and the restaurant we’d planned to go to was unexpectedly closed so we ended up having burgers in bed at the hotel and getting a good nights sleep in preparation for the busy day ahead.

The next morning we headed out to the bus stop and got onto our hop-on-hop-off tour to explore the city. The weather was much colder than anticipated and although the forecast was only a couple of degrees cooler than in the UK, the icy wind felt much colder (especially from an open top bus!)

Our first stop was the Citadella (Hungarian for Citadel), a fortress built  in the 1800s but later occupied by Soviet troops during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. It was situated atop the Gellert Hill on the Buda side of the city, overlooking a huge proportion of Budapest.

As you can see the views were breathtakingly beautiful so it was the perfect place to start our holiday!

At the end of the fortress sits the Liberty Statue which represents the freedom of Hungary from Soviet occupation and although the monumental statue was difficult to photograph in the bright but grey light of the November sun, the rest of the city looked phenomenal from this viewpoint.

We’d actually seen this viewpoint on Pinterest a week or so before flying out so we were really pleased to find the spot and take a few shots of our own.

Once we’d finished walking round the Citadella we headed back to the bus stop and picked up a nice hot coffee while we waiting. There was so many beautiful autumnal colours and all the leaves were falling off the trees in the icy wind, it was really chilly but really romantic. If you’re visiting Budapest for a short time then I highly recommend you put the Citadel at the very top of your agenda.

Have you visited the city of Budapest? Are you planning on going soon? Find out where our tour took us next in the next Budapest Travel Journal on Saturday 12th November.


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  1. This was by far the best holiday ever!

    Here’s to the beginning of our holiday adventures, there’s no other person I’d rather share them with xxx

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