Budapest Travel Journal #2 

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (NIKON D3300) // all rights reserved

H E L L O  H E L L O

If you read my first Budapest Travel Journal then you’ll know that Ash and I spent five days exploring this beautiful city and had a fabulous albeit freezing time.

G R E A T  M A R K E T  H A L L  F T .  D E L I C I O U S  F O O D

On our first full day in Budapest we spent lunch time exploring the wonderful Great Market Hall which is instantly recognisable by its beautiful gold and green roof tiling. To no surprise, it is the largest market in Budapest and is approximately 10,000 square metres in size!

The market is spread across three floors, the basement floor is an Aldi supermarket which as you can probably guess we didn’t go down to (there’s one at the end of my street.) The ground floor is dedicated to fresh produce; mostly meats, cheeses and fresh vegetables but there were also stands of cakes, oils and spices too. The top floor, which is much smaller, hosts stalls mostly for street food and souvenirs.

These dried, strung chillies were hanging on almost every stand and they even sold key rings with little fake ones on which were rather cute. Chillies are my favourite so I really want to try drying some myself at home!

Many of the stalls were selling the same items as one another but the prices varied greatly stall to stall so if you’re visiting the market, make sure you look around at the prices across multiple stalls before making a purchase or you’ll be kicking yourself when you realise you’ve paid 3 times the price for something.

I was disappointed they weren’t giving out free samples on any of the stands, I really wanted to try all the delicious cured meats but there’s no way I could finish a huge stick of chorizo in a few days! I was also tempted to buy one of these cute pickle jars or infused oils but we all know how easily it could have got broken in baggage handling, not worth the risk of oily clothes but I think these would have looked lovely in my parents’ kitchen.

All the cakes and pastries in Budapest are incredible and my only regret is that I didn’t have the appetite to try more. We picked up some of the tiny shortbread cookies which were absolutely divine; why is it that all baked goods taste ten times better across the rest of Europe than in the UK?

We also stopped off for lunch at the market. There were so many different choices and a lot of the food was in massive portions so the two of us shared these onion rings and a Kolbice which was a seeded bread cone filled with different sausages and chilli cheese sauce- SO SO GOOD! There was also hot dogs, fried chicken and traditional Hungarian cuisine like Langos (a fried flatbread that can with sweet or savoury toppings.)

I was looking to buy a nice new ring while in Budapest but sadly most of the market stalls were very much focused on souvenirs. There were lots of stalls of russian dolls, chess sets, doilies, scarves and handbags as well but the only one we found for jewellery was all amber.

We stupidly forgot to pack gloves or scarves so I picked up a really cute heart print scarf on the market for 4000HUF (£11.60.) We also managed to find some gifts on the market, I got a lovely little bracelet for Ash’s sister and some marzipan for my dad.

The market is situated opposite the Citadella, right by the Freedom Bridge so once we were done looking around, we sat outside to eat the little shortbread bites we bought on the market. The view was beautiful as the sun peeked through the clouds over the rolling hills.

Have you visited Budapest? Are you looking to go? Find out where we visited next on our trip on Tuesday 15th November.


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  1. I bought one of the amber rings and it is beautiful. Easily one of my favourite souvenirs I’ve ever bought from anywhere! I’ve done the same thing in Paris and intend to do the same everywhere I travel.


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