Budapest Travel Journal #3

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (NIKON D3300) and any featuring Rebecca belong to Ash Sudra (GOOGLE PIXEL XL) // all rights reserved

H E Y!

If you saw my previous posts Budapest Travel Journal #1 & Budapest Travel Journal #2 then you’ll know that Budapest is one REALLY beautiful city! Ash & I spent five days there exploring everything the city has to offer at this time of year. (Click here to see all posts about Budapest)

B U D A   C A S T L E  ,  P A R L I A M E N T  B U I L D I N G S  &  A R C H I T E C T U R E

One of the main reasons we wanted to visit Budapest was because of its beautiful architecture. The city is full of juxta-posed Art Nuveau buildings which photograph incredibly well in the sunshine. There are buildings in all different colours but I adored all the yellows and pinks. There’s also a kind of decayed feel to a lot of the buildings and I think it gives them a lot of character.

The city is famous for its superb transport links; there’s trams, buses, an underground train only second to London’s tube and even a hill funicular -which is a tram that goes up a very steep hill!

During our five days we didn’t once use any of these amazing links though we had initially planned to. Our hotel was situated very close to the Big Bus Tours bus stop so on Day 3 when we were supposed to get a tram, we figured we could get away with re-using our 48 hour bus ticket. They were only checking that it was the right company name on the ticket and not the date so we hedged our bets for a free days travel. Part way through the journey, a ticket inspector came to check our ticket (which stated November 2-3rd as opposed to the 4th) and as well as approving it, he scanned it and printed us a paper ticket for use on the 4th & 5th! FREE TRAVEL BITCHESSS.

Some of the photos above were taken on our way to the House of Terror which was an alternative museum that explored the sheer terror inflicted on Hungary during the second World War.

The museum had banned photography which meant that we couldn’t find out what it was like prior to planning the trip and that post-trip we have nothing to share with you. Entrance to the House of Terror costs 2000 HUF (or 1000 HUF for those proving they are an EU resident and under the age of 26.) The museum was like none we’d ever seen before.

The first room comprised of several screens showing footage of concentration camps, Hitler’s speeches and torn apart families. A lot of the visitors had tears in their eyes watching the videos and it was very difficult not to get upset.

Each subsequent room was equally unusual and there wasn’t much to read in English however they did provide papers (in multiple languages) at the entrance of each section. Overall it was a bit of an upsetting experience but one we felt obliged to take part in.

Here I am at the river side entrance to Buda Castle, a beautiful castle which would have been home to the kings of Hungary over hundreds of years.

It is situated at the top of the hill on the Buda side of the river, about a 30 minute walk from the Citadella. We travelled from the bottom of the hill and luckily there were escalators to assist the first chunk of it.

Autumn is just the most beautiful time of year isn’t it? There were so many vivid colours across the city, in leaves on the trees, ivy on the walls and the architecture of the city. Ash & I were taking photos of everything and these posts don’t even cover a quarter of the photos we took!

Looking back across the river from Buda Castle is Hungarian Parliament which was actually modelled on the Houses of Parliament in London. I think theirs is even more beautiful because is also influenced by Syberian and Indian architecture like a lot of the buildings in Budapest.

The parliament buildings look even more stunning at night time! This photograph below was taken on the free night tour that came with our bus tickets. The entire city looks incredible at night with all the major landmarks lit up.

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Don’t forget to come back for the next post on Monday 21st November!
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