Budapest Travel Journal #4

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (NIKON D3300) and any featuring Rebecca belong to Ash Sudra (GOOGLE PIXEL XL) // all rights reserved

H E L L O  A G A I N !

That’s right, we took enough photos in Budapest to fill up FIVE WHOLE POSTS and here for you today is the fourth. (Click here to see all the posts about Budapest)

H O U S E  O F  H O U D I N I  ,  M A T T H I A S  C H U R C H  &  F I S H E R M A N ‘ S  B A S T I O N

Upon the hill between Buda Castle and Matthias Church sits the Castle District, a very clean and beautiful area with stunning buildings and rows upon rows of trees. We walked through on our way to Fisherman’s Bastion and had to stop to take photos of how beautiful the area was.

There we lots of classic cars around Budapest, this one above looked so suited to the area it was in.

Walking through the Castle District we made an unplanned stop at Houdini Haz (House of Houdini to you and I.) Ash being a professional magician, we couldn’t help but stop to see a live magic show and a museum about Houdini’s life and wonders. Entrance was 2000 HUF (£5.50) and they gave us a free pair of teeny tiny handcuffs each which would make a great charm for a bracelet.

The magic show was great and although the guy probably felt a little put off having another magician in the room, his tricks were great and I could only guess how about half of them were done. He showed us several card tricks and some with linking rings as well. After the show the magicians friend took Ash’s details because y’know, magic men like to know each other.

Once we’d seen the magic show we were given a tour of the museum…

The museum was quite small and we were told not to take photos of any of the posters. As the woman was telling us, I had just taken a shot of some of the posters inside but since the host didn’t tell us to delete them, we kept them (see above.)

The tour guide gave us an overview of Houdini’s life and showed us some of Houdini’s original items such as handcuffs and keys as well as some original props from the Houdini films like these beautiful Faberge eggs below.

The castle district was abundant with Halloween décor and pumpkins outside every café, I only wish the UK was as obsessed with the occasion!

Below you’ll see Matthias Church which is famous for it’s beautiful roofing and architecture, it sits right by Fisherman’s Bastion which is also renowned for its gothic style. We had seen both of these beautiful buildings online before our visit and constantly referred to them as Hogwarts throughout the trip. “Shall we go see Hogwarts today baby?”

Here’s Fisherman’s Bastion below in all its glory! A lot of the building was being restored when we came to see it and other parts were only visible if you paid for a guided tour but we took some great shots of what we could see before grabbing a Pumpkin Spice Latte from the nearby Starbucks and enjoying the wonderful view of the city below.

Fisherman’s Bastion is directly opposite Hungarian Parliament and allows for brilliant shots of the building.

We then took a very scenic walk down the hill towards Parliament and Batthyany Square. The church pictured below is The Church of Saint Anne which is a Roman Catholic church built in the 1700s. It features an all seeing eye encased in a pyramid so we were calling it the Illuminati church until we found out what it actually was. This was by far my favourite building in Budapest and looked like a much more ornate version of a lot of the buildings we saw; they all tend to feature yellow with green and gold!

One of the many strange cars we saw in Budapest! We figured it doesn’t take much to pass your MOT over there.

Last but not least, we headed to Hanami for dinner. We’d originally planned to go there on our first night however the entire shopping centre was closed for All Saints Day. Hanami is a teeny tiny Sushi restaurant located right near our hotel slap bang in the centre of Budapest. I had some prawn nigiri and salmon maki while Ash went for some rice and teriyaki chicken, we also shared some vegetable gyoza between us. The prices were really reasonable and I think we paid something like 7000 HUF for the whole meal.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment! Catch the final post about Budapest on Monday 21st November :)


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