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P A R A L L E L  S P A C E

If you have separate accounts for yourself and for your blog on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, Parallel Space is a life saver! This nifty app creates a shortcut for your second account so you can simply open up the icon for one account or another. You can even apply a theme to the parallel copy of the app so the two don’t get confused.


Buffer allows you to queue Tweets and Facebook statuses to post automatically so while you’re busy with your day job, you’re still sharing content. You can queue up to ten posts at a time meaning you only have to open up the app once every day or two. There’s also an Instagram feature however it can’t post for you, it can only remind you to post.

F O L L O W E R S  ( F O R  T W I T T E R )

In short, this app is how I grew my Twitter page from 150 to 1000 in just under 2 months. It allows you to go through and unfollow anybody who isn’t following you back. The easiest strategy for growth is simply to follow accounts you’d like to connect with (ie. other bloggers) in bulk, wait a while and then unfollow whoever hasn’t returned the favour. It’s pretty easy to find like-minded accounts by going onto a Blogger Chat or sharing page.


Crowdfire is the app that auto sends messages to a new follower on Twitter but it also gives you insights on your statistics and helps you find people who will boost your following. Each day Crowdfire will give you ‘tasks’ to do and show you which accounts that you follow are no longer active.

F O L L O W E R S  ( F O R  I N S T A G R A M )

Like the unfollow app for Twitter, this allows you to bulk unfollow people who don’t follow you back. I use a very similar strategy to grow my Instagram page however I lucked out about a year ago when I randomly started getting tons of likes and follows therefore jumping from 800 to 3500 in a matter of days.


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