Budapest Travel Journal #5

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (NIKON D3300) // all rights reserved

H E L L O  M Y  B E A U T I E S !

It’s been a little longer than planned between the fourth and fifth post in my Budapest series because work has been ridiculous this week but here is the final instalment from our five day trip.

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F O O D A P E S T , T H E  F I N A L  C H A P T E R

We packed so much into our first 2 days in Budapest that we slowed right down for the last couple of days and took it really easy. It’s safe to say the amount of delicious food we ate in that time made up for the lack of energy.

Below are a few shots we took while walking around the city on day 4 & 5, again there is beautiful architecture and interesting statues everywhere you look.




While walking down Budapest’s equivalent to New York’s Fifth Avenue we came across this gorgeous little cake & coffee place that’s pictured below. All the cakes looked so amazing that it was next to impossible to choose one. I went for the caramel & orange slice along with a coffee which kept us warm on this freezing cold day.

Pictured below is a traditional Hungarian street cake called Kurtos Kalac (Kurtosh Cake) which I was super excited to try on our trip. The dough is glazed and cooked on a cone shaped baking spit and slathered in melted butter. They’re a little like Churros and taste amazing coated in cinnamon sugar like this one below. Possibly my favourite Hungarian treat!

We also tried out the less traditional side of cuisine in Budapest by visiting the Hard Rock Café. Ash & I have both been to loads of them across the world but this was our first Hard Rock trip as a couple. We both ordered big fat burgers which came with this delicious spicy sauce that we later found out was Sriracha Mayonnaise and have been making at home ever since. The mac’n’cheese was also TO DIE FOR.

One thing we noticed throughout our trip was how much Hungarians hate having their photo taken! A lot of places (including this market) had signs up saying not to take photos but we didn’t see them until afterwards – hence the very miffed above which still has me in stitches.

On our last full day in Budapest we headed over to Margaret Island which sits on the Danube river between Buda & Pest. The small river island was beautiful at this time of year with fallen leaves scattered everywhere.

We had planned to rent one of those funny little four person bikes (which I also rented in Toronto, so much fun!) but when we arrived we noticed the even better electric cars that were there. For 4000 HUF we rented one for an hour and drove around the island.

It was a race against time getting back to the stand at the entrance to the island before our 60 minutes ran out but we got some beautiful photos. I also drove the car illegally, yolo.

We also visited Budapest Zoo & Botanic Gardens on our trip however I’ll keep it brief. We actually left the zoo after around 30 minutes because we first of all noticed that the enclosures were fairly small and then that all the cacti/succulents in the botanic garden had been over-watered or under-watered. We figured that if they couldn’t care for the plants properly then the animals were probably having a rather sucky time too.

Hero Square was our final stop on the last day and it was at the perfect time of day. The sunset was rolling in and the sun lit up the statues so beautifully that we tried to hang in the moment as long as we could before catching the last bus back to our hotel.

That night we ate at Il Terzo Cerchio which was a really highly rated Italian restaurant in central Budapest. It was really reasonably priced considering and the pizza was really really good. Fans of Franco Manca (London) & Peter’s Pizzeria (Leicester & Loughborough) will know how a good sour dough goes down. This pizzeria brought it full throttle.


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    Even though I was there with you I love reading your blog’s.. not going to lie, reading through these past five blog’s has really put a smile on my face. And knowing I get to share many more adventures with you continues to make me smile

    I love you


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