12 Things We Should Have Been Taught in Sex-Education

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H E Y   E V E R Y O N E !

By age 25 a lot of things have changed from our teen years and one of those things is the way we think about, talking about and engage in sex. YES HELLO IT’S THAT SEX POST I PROMISED FOLLOWING A TWITTER POLL 2 MONTHS AGO and sorry dad please don’t read on I am still your innocent, sexless daughter thnx.

It’s been 10 whole years since I popped my cherry and a decade of experience has taught me a whole lot about my body and what to do with it.

Most of us will admit that the time we lost our virginity wasn’t the best; there were awkward fumbles and hands that didn’t know where to go and let’s not even forget the first time there was a strange noise mid-climax. We didn’t really know what we were doing because let’s face it, sex education is basically all joking around putting condoms on bananas and getting squeamish over blown up images of terrifying STD’s that hadn’t been treated. And if you went to a school like I did it was mostly taught that sex is putting a dick in a hole and that’s about it.

We were never told that it was totally normal for a teenage girl to masturbate 12 times in a day or about the toe-curling clitoral orgasms or that squirting was not only possible but incredible.

The subject was pitter-pattered around with the teacher trying to get through the syllabus as fast as possible without going bright red. But little did they realise that they were setting a bunch of young girls up with a rather concerning outlook on the world of sex, one that may well have stuck with them through the years to come.

So here are the things they should be teaching, maybe in better words…definitely in better words.


1) Orgasms are next to impossible without foreplay. Yes you know it takes time and care and attention. Don’t you forget about the neck. And the nipples. Never forget the nipples.

2) It doesn’t matter how many people you have sex with as long as you give consent. It does not make you a slut because actually, it’s nobody else’s damn business who you want to shag. Which leads to my next point…

3) Slut shaming is ignorant and childish and if somebody calls you a slut then you should OWN THE SHIT OUT OF IT and you should not excuse yourself.

4) Squirting is not a myth, it’s a real (and magical) thing however some women, no matter how hard they try, will never be able to achieve it. BOO.

5) Masturbating is good for you for a multitude of reasons. It releases stress, encourages self love and when enjoyed with a partner can really boost intimacy and therefore trust.

6) Threesomes are slightly more awkward to execute than depicted in porn. There’s the whole dilemma of who goes where as well as of the task of pleasing two people at once and trying not to leave any one person feeling left out at any one time. Exhausting!


The contraceptive pill leads to depression, mood swings and a hormonal imbalance. Although it may seem the easiest way of staying childless, it can have a huge effect on your life in the long run.

8) Adding toys to your sex life isn’t just something to do when you’re old and bored! I’ve owned vibrators and such for almost as long as I’ve been having sex and there’s so much more to it when you’re with someone you feel comfortable with.

9) Anal sex/play isn’t just for gays. In fact tons of surveys show that more straight couples are doing it than gay couples.

10) STI’s don’t only happen to bad people. Even the most careful people can catch them, and you know what they say; you haven’t lived ’til you’ve had Chlamydia. Wait, who says that?

11) There is literally no point in faking anything. OH HAHA YOU FAKED AN ORGASM? Well now your man thinks that rubbing up against you in the most mind numbing missionary of your life is now the way to make you cum and he’s gonna do it night after night for the rest of your boring lives.

12) Sometimes sex makes funny noises and smells and all sorts and yeah you just have to grow up and get over it.


How was your sex-ed at school?
What would you add to this list?
I love reading your comments & I’ll be sure to check out your blog!



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