Christmas Bucket List

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This year I’m making a real conscious effort to get myself into the Christmas spirit. I think once you hit your twenties and live away from home you tend to let the festivities pass you by. There’s no kids around to play up the Christmas magic for and you become a little bit of a Grinch.

This year however I’m trying to suppress the winter blues and celebrate Christmas properly. Here are 20 things I’m going to be doing this year to get myself well into the Christmas spirit…

 Wrap up warm and visit one of the many Christmas markets. We’ll be going to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham this weekend, I can’t wait!untitled

2) Put the Christmas tree up! Always worth buying a couple of new decorations each year for that extra Christmas magic

3) Cover every corner of the house with festive decor like fake snow, pinecones, candy canes & cinnamon sticks

Listen to Michael Buble and all the other Christmas tunes, of course on full blast and while in your pajamas dancing round the house

5) Treat yourself to all the Christmas edition coffees hot chocolates and cocktails like Toffee Nut lattes and gingerbread martinis.




6) Eat mince pies basically all day every day

7) Watch Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch and Nightmare Before Christmas

8) Make a gingerbread house with your loved ones. Tesco have got sets with all the decorations and the pre-made gingerbread walls, roof etc for under ยฃ5!

9) Buy & wear all the goofy Christmas jumpers ESPECIALLY all the Star Wars themed ones

10) Take a trip down South to see my family for a few days




11) Tons of Lush Cosmetics Christmas products (especially all the Snow Fairy!)

12) Christmas shopping from the comfort of my sofa & iPad and not having to go into all the busy shopping centres

13) Secret Santa! I love playing Secret Santa with work colleagues and getting to buy gifts for people you otherwise wouldn’t have, plus I’m great at buying presents.

14) Hand write and send Christmas cards to all my family members (definitely need to do this one before it gets too late in the month!)

15) Make paper snowflakes and snowflake chains to adorn my house with




16) Bake some Christmas cookies or other festive treats

17) Light a Christmas Yankee Candle. You’ve gotta light a ‘Christmas Eve’ candle on the night itself!

19) Read back my letters to Santa from my childhood – I still have a couple of these in the house but I’m hoping my parents haven’t thrown away the rest!

20) Plan out the Christmas dinner




What do you do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit? Leave a comment below!



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