It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Lushmas

all photos by Rebecca Claire, (CANON EOS 700D) // all rights reserved

I T S   A L M O S T   C H R I S S S T M A A A S S S !

Every year I get excited for the limited edition Lush stock and also for the excuse of Christmas to spend approximately 26% of my disposable income on bath bombs. Whether you’re treating yourself or filling your loved ones stockings, Lush is a go-to store at Christmas time.

Would it really be Christmas without bottles and bottles of Snow Fairy shower gel, a bathroom covered in glitter and Lush soap practically bubbling out your ears?! Course not!

This year I was lucky enough to be bought the 12 Days of Christmas box which I’ve been using like an Advent Calendar and opening a product every couple of days. As well as that Ash has treated me to a couple of other bits so I thought I’d share them with you…



This starry beauty is Shoot for the Stars; a midnight blue, citrus and coconut super comforting bomb which fills the bath with a fizzing foam and gold glitter. The little gold stars are made of cocoa butter and melt in the bath leaving the water super softening and oily. I love the feel of my skin after coming out of a steaming hot lush bath especially one that looks like a beautiful starry night!


I’m also glad to see the return of my old favourite Golden Wonder. Another glittery bomb that leaves you sparkly and citrusy! I love how every year when I use this bomb I forget that it isn’t just gold but actually a whole rainbow of colours wrapped up into a lovely little golden pressie.


Satsuma is actually a new product to me this year and having previously not tried it I had to question myself on why. I assumed it’s because I tend to go for bombs that impress with how they look over how they smell but actually this bomb is exclusive to gift sets and Oxford Street so that’s probably why. Satsuma smells like a little Christigle heaven and is complimented really well by the ever orangey scent of Bubbly shower gel.


Bubbly is also new to me as I tend to go for bath products over shower and with the amount of Snow Fairy I purchase each year I’ve never really had the need for another shower gel. Thanks to the 12 Days of Christmas box I got to give this little wonder a try and in all honesty I’m in love with the scent.

A lot of Lush products are best used before bedtime and put you in a right sleepy state of mind however Bubbly is a super fresh and awakening scent and strangely reminds me of the Orange Blossom Shake’n’vac (which anyone who knows what I’m on about will also love!)


This little black pot is Sleepy which quite the opposite of our friend Bubbly is a bedtime body lotion. The scent is super soothing with lavender and cocoa butter to send you right to sleep. I’m not a huge fan of lavender but I find this is just subtle enough to enjoy and it’s the perfect night cream for the holiday season.


I hate to give a bad review especially when it comes to Lush but I found that Santa’s Postbox soap smelt of nothing but…soap. It just seemed to have that typical soapy scent which I’ve never liked. When it comes to soap I’m a bit of a picky nightmare and it has to smell incredible for it to be worth using over a gel or jelly, and yeah this just didn’t win me over.


Back to the positives here with the final product I’ve trialled this Christmas which I absolutely adore; Snow Fairy Body Conditioner. I love the idea of a body conditioner and this one was really impressive. Your standard Snow Fairy scent, minus the glitter, plus a whole lot of essential oils to leave your skill supple and soft. You simply smother the lotion all over, leave like a conditioner and rinse off after a few minutes and BOY OH BOY does it leave your skin soft!



What do you think of Lush’s Christmas range?
Which products are your favourite?

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  1. I love how excited you get when I bring lush products home! Love this post and I loved seeing you open your Lush advent calendar!

    And this goes without saying, the photos look amazing! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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