New Years Resolutions

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H O L Y  S H I T  2 0 1 6  I S  A L M O S T  O V E R !

I feel like 2016 was my year! It was the first year of my life where I felt like I had hit peak adulthood, like instead of pretending to adult I was actually, well… adulting. I sure hit some bumps along the way but I have learnt so so much and I am so much better for it.

Before I dive into the juicy stuff I also thought it about time I announce that Ash & I will be moving in together in March and I am so damn happy about it and we are going to have the most beautiful Pinteresty home that ever existed. lol.



C O N S U M E   M E D I A   M O R E   C O N S C I O U S L Y

We’re all guilty of mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds and it’s such a waste of time which could otherwise be utilised reading intriguing blog posts, fascinating articles and other inspiring content. I often catch myself scrolling through tweets and photos which aren’t contributing anything to my happiness. In order to stop myself from doing this I need to break the habit!

  • I resolve to take a month off Facebook in the new year
  • I resolve to only use social media consciously by imposing a ban and slowly lifting it
  • I resolve to focus on blog growth on no more than 2 social media sites
  • I resolve to avoid mindless scrolling!


G E T   M Y   P R I O R I T I E S   I N   O R D E R

This sounds pretty vague as a resolution but it groups a few little things well and is something I need to consider across many parts of my life. Life is so busy and it’s often difficult to maintain a good balance of work, social life, love life, hobbies and family. So sometimes we need to put things aside and focus on what’s really important.

  • I resolve to see my family more often (at least once every 8 weeks!)
  • I resolve to blog once a week every week and to make every post something to be proud of
  • I resolve to do more over-time and to focus really hard on doing the core parts of my job role really really well
  • I resolve to keep on top of household chores and if that means making a schedule then so be it


M A K E   T I M E   F O R   R E A D I N G 

My reading habits this year have been totally awful! I pick up a book, speed through it in a few days and then don’t find anything new to read for weeks. This habit is down to two things; a. not having anything to read and b. not putting aside the time to read.

  • I resolve to put together a list of ten books and every time I’ve read one I’ll put a new one onto the list
  • I resolve to make use of Goodreads which I used to find tons of books through
  • I resolve to put aside reading time for both me and Ash before bed
  • I resolve to read on lazy weekend mornings

What are your new years resolutions? Did these inspire any resolutions of your own? Leave a comment & don’t forget your blog link!


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  1. What a great post. I found the point about mindful consumption of media really interesting. I can’t count the amount of time I wastend scrolling through Facebook even though it’s a space that never makes me feel good. You’ve made me re evaluate, I could be having better conversations, learning new stuff and improving relationships. I think I need a break from it too. Best of luck with your goals, I look forward to hearing about your progress!

    Sarah |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And SUCH A HABIT TO BREAK IVE BARELY STARTED TO CUT DOWN. we’re gonna be doing phone free date nights to kick it off though and just being more conscious about it is a big thing. Thanks again for reading xxxx


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