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T W E N T Y – S I X T E E N   Y O U   A B S O L U T E   R A S C A L  ,  I T   W A S   N I C E   K N O W I N ‘   Y A ! !

2016 was a year I’ll never forget. It’ll always be remembered as the year of adult. I feel like I am finally grown and ready to kick life in the butt and despite all the shit that happened, 2016 was fairly damn good to me!

2017 however brings us tons of things to get super excited about like movies, music, events & things to celebrate.

Here’s my list of things to look forward to this coming year, some of which you’ll be getting excited over too!


6 Jan
The return of Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2. The Christmas break has been killing me because I’m totally obsessed with this show right now. I had to re-watch the first season to bridge the gap.

11 Jan
Bonobo’s new album Migration is on the way and it’ll be his first since The North Borders back in 2013. I saw him live after that album release and more than likely will see him live again after this one.

13 Jan
The XX are finally releasing another album this year entitled See You. I got a record player for Christmas so I’m dying to get it on Vinyl!

14 Feb
Mine & Ash’s first Valentine’s Day together. Soppy soppy.

17 Mar
The new Beauty and the Beast movie featuring Emma Watson as Belle and all the adorable CGI characters from the trailer.



Moving into a flat with Ash and finally being able to buy our own furniture and have a space that is ours instead of mine.

We’re planning a mini break in a cute little log cabin in the middle of nowhere with a hot tub and no wifi. It’s what dreams (and Pinterest boards) are made of.

24 Mar
The long awaited Power Rangers remake we’ve been dreaming of since its announcement in 2015.

5 May
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. is coming out and we all know it’s sure to boast an incredible soundtrack and of course Baby Groot. I AM GROOOOOT.

2 Jun
Wonder Woman is going to be the feminist flick of the year and I have been waiting for this for so long! Tank Girl & WW are the only comics I bother reading and if they re-make Tank Girl all my dreams will have come true.

24 Jun
Pen & Teller live in London! Ash bought us tickets earlier this month and I’m mega excited to see some live magic.


A second season of Stranger Things which we’re no doubt all gonna go crazy over.

29 Aug
Mine & Ash’s first anniversary!

21 Sep
Spending my birthday down at my parents house. Ash and I didn’t really have time to plan a trip down there this year since we only met in late August so it would be a bit soon for him to meet them. It’s been years since I spent a birthday with them so we’re gonna book our holiday off work nice and early.

Nordic Matters; an event starting in January 2017 and continuing throughout the year that’s featuring all things Nordic. We’re heading off to Copenhagen later in the year so why not get ourselves in the mood with all things tasty and hygge?

Copenhagen! Ash and I went to Budapest last year thanks to a rather generous monetary Christmas gift from my father. This year he hasn’t disappointed and we’ll be heading over to the land of Hygge this summer.

15 Dec
Star Wars Episode VIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What are you looking forward to in 2017? Any albums or movies out in 2017 you think I’d enjoy?

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