Making Space

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Fellow bloggers, friends, readers, family members, I invite you to join me on a quest to make more space in your life. Space for happiness, creativity and gratitude.

Throughout 2017 I want to be more mindful, more conscious and more considerate of how I spend my time and money.

I want meaningful moments and unforgettable adventures. I want the business of life to calm down and the stress of decisions and the complications to take a back seat. I want to minimise my life. I want simplicity.




Last year I made the decision that things needed to change and that I needed to stop being such a bad consumer. I buy clothes that sit in the wardrobe unworn for 12 months and then get given to a charity shop with the tag still on. I buy trinkets and ornaments and little things that I just don’t need. I spend money like it’s going out of fashion. I buy food that never gets eaten and that gets thrown away when it could be feeding the poor.

The worst thing is that I’ve been reading into minimalism for the best part of a year but in practice it just hasn’t been happening.

We all do it though right? And after watching The True Cost on Netflix it’s very easy to blame the industry and argue that there’s not much we can do to combat this. However the easiest way to put your middle finger up at the industry is to stop buying fast fashion.

Fast Fashion is the ever-changing, ever-ugly face of mass produced fashion items that go out of style in a matter of months. It’s the 56 Primark dresses you’ve never worn and the 25 pairs of ripped jeans that don’t fit properly. It’s the idea that your clothes are disposable.

Going for sustainable fashion over fast fashion means less time rummaging through a wardrobe of clothes you never wear, spending less time shopping for another item to waste your hard earned cash on and ultimately reducing your footprint on the planet.




  • Being more mindful of our choices
  • Always try things on before buying them
  • Buy things that are your style instead of in fashion
  • Only buy things you can pair with at least 5 other items
  • Ask yourself if you could buy a similar item second hand off eBay/Depop/a charity shop




As a society we’re obsessed with getting more. More money, more possessions, more food. It’s making us sick and fat and greedy and miserable. We never seem to have enough.

We could all be a lot happier if we just learned to stop focusing on getting more of everything and perhaps focused on having less. If we get rid of all the possessions that sit unused and dusty then we can clear space for things that serve a purpose and make us happy.

We are also living in an age where as well as all the business of consumerism and advertising, there’s also the daily digital overload that we’re bombarded with. We sit at PCs all day at work, scroll through our social media feeds all evening at home and have the constant distraction of notifications and emails and calls.

What happened to spending free time writing, reading, painting, drawing, cooking and going outside for a bit of fresh air?

Throughout 2017 I’ll be doing a number of projects to de-clutter my life and create a home that’s functional and ultimately brings me joy. I’m kicking off the year with Project 333, a conscious fashion challenge designed to streamline your wardrobe to one you can make the most out of. See my post on this over the coming weeks!


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